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Exercise 7-20-2017
Cats Missing – Panic, Poignancy, Patterns of Coping Re-Surfaced

Exercise 7-13-2017
I’m Not Weird…I’m a Limited Edition

Exercise 7-6-2017
Yoga and the Brain: What Neuroscience Can Tell Us

Exercise 6-29-2017
A Path for Couples – Ten Practices for Love and Joy

Exercise 6-22-2017
Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy

Exercise 6-15-2017
No Time Like the Present

Exercise 6-8-2017
Self-Compassion Practices That Go Deeper

Exercise 6-1-2017
Difficult Stuff Happens.  Shift Happens, Too

Exercise 5-25-2017
Budget Time for the Rabbit Holes

Exercise 5-18-2017
Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

Exercise 5-11-2017
Tomorrow’s To Do’s – Skillful Time Shifting or Procrastination?

Exercise 5-4-2017
Gratitude for Bad Things that DON’T Happen

Exercise 4-27-2017
Four-Minute Tools to De-Stress – Right Now!

Exercise 4-20-2017
Meditate for a Healthier Brain – Four Minutes at a Time

Exercise 4-13-2017
Exercise Makes You Smarter

Exercise 4-6-2017
New and Novel Experiences Promote Brain Health

Exercise 3-30-2017
Re-Writing the Story for Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Exercise 3-23-2017
Re-framing toward Positive Meaning for Post-Traumatic Growth

Exercise 3-16-2017
Resourcing with the Positive for Post-Traumatic Growth

Exercise 3-9-2017
Resourcing with People for Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Exercise 3-2-2017
Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Exercise 2-23-2017
How to Fight Stress with Empathy

Exercise 2-16-2017
Installing Love – a clever post-Valentine’s Day tongue-in-cheek

Exercise 2-9-2017
Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty

Exercise 2-2-2017
Correction – Quit Social Media Advice is from Cal Newport

Exercise 2-2-2017
Why Stories Are More Important than Food

Exercise 1-26-2017
Now Open: The Leading Edge of Psychotherapy Online Trainings

Exercise 1-26-2017
Good Reasons to Quit Social Media

Exercise 1-19-2017
Introducing Mastermind Class for Therapists: Attachment and Trauma

Exercise 1-19-2017
Changing the Ways Clients Respond to Life’s Challenges

Exercise 1-19-2017
Weapons of Mass Distraction – Apps and Social Media?

Exercise 1-17-2017
Two Free Psychotherapy Master Classes

Exercise 1-12-2017
Working with Inadequacy

Exercise 1-12-2017
Creating Community in Times of Uncertainty and Change

Exercise 1-5-2017
New Year = New Book (and the Wisdom of Others) on Shift Happens – Resources for Recovering Resilience

Exercise 12-29-2016
Ten Top Resources for the Year

Exercise 12-29-2016
2016 Best Book Recommendations from Greater Good Science Center

Exercise 12-22-2016
Defuse Anger – Deepen Contentment, Love and Peace

Exercise 12-22-2016
Give Yourself (and Others) the Gift of Kindness

Exercise 12-15-2016
Equanimity: Finding Balance in Difficult Times

Exercise 12-15-2016
The Best Time to Cultivate More Well-Being is Right Now

Exercise 12-8-2016
Could You Connect More?

Exercise 12-8-2016
Journaling through Your Struggles

Exercise 12-1-2016
A Course in Mindful Living 

Exercise 12-1-2016
Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

Exercise 11-24-2016
Giving Thanks for Benefactors

Exercise 11-17-2016
Coping: Go High, Go low…Go Big, Go Small

Exercise 11-10-2016
Recovering the Good from a Nasty Election

Exercise 11-10-2016
Take Heart When the Bottom Falls Out

Exercise 11-10-2016
Coping with Catastrophe

Exercise 11-7-2016
Brilliant Perspective on Tuesday’s U.S. Presidential Elections

Exercise 11-3-2016
Why Teaching Mechanisms of Brain Change Makes Sense

Exercise 10-27-2016
What Self-Compassion Feels Like in the Body

Exercise 10-20-2016
Neurochemical Synchrony Generates Feeling of Love

Exercise 10-19-2016
Because Next Level Practitioner registration closes tonight….

Exercise 10-13-2016
Busting Myths about Male Sexuality

Exercise 10-13-2016
Beyond Diagnoses and Methodologies

Exercise 10-7-2016
Powerful Tools to Reverse Toxic Shame

Exercise 9-30-2016
Emerging Perspectives on Men’s Sexuality

Exercise 9-29-2016
Don’t Be Seduced by “Follow Your Passion”

Exercise 9-22-2016
Reduce Reactivity and Deepen Connection

Exercise 9-22-2016
Grit Needs Passion, Not Fear

Exercise 9-15-2016
WA Rare Opportunity with Tara Brach – To Heal and Thrive in Relationships

Exercise 9-15-2016
West Coast – East Coast trainings

Exercise 9-15-2016
Final Word on – Truly – A Wealth of Resources

Exercise 9-8-2016
So many more good Resources for Recovering Resilience…

Exercise 9-8-2016
Update on a Wealth of Resources for Recovering Resilience – Psychotherapy 2.0 Summit

Exercise 9-1-2016
Back to School, Back to Learning, Back to Awakening Joy and Inner Peace

Exercise 8-25-2016
Psychotherapy 2.0 – A Wealth of Resources for Recovering Resilience

Exercise 8-18-2016
How to Grow from Your Regrets – Training in Trauma and Resilience for Clinicians

Exercise 8-18-2016
How to Grow from Your Regrets

Exercise 8-11-2016
Mindfulness Daily – a Fabulous New Program

Exercise 8-11-2016
Handwriting Rewires the Brain

Exercise 8-4-2016
Taking Action to Become Who You Truly Are

Exercise 8-4-2016
Love and Attachment

Exercise 7-28-2016
Balance Time on Screens with Time in Nature

Exercise 7-21-2016
“If You Loved Me, You Would Find Me”

Exercise 7-14-2016
50% of American Adults Report Having Zero Close Friends

Exercise 7-7-2016
How Mindfulness Can Help Couples Cool Down

Exercise 6-30-2016
Mindfulness Helps Couples “Cool It”

Exercise 6-23-2016
Meditation Summit – 30 of the World’s Leading Teachers

Exercise 6-23-2016
Paradigm Shifts Happen – Modern Warfare Destroys the Brain

Exercise 6-16-2016
How to Best Serve the Most Conflicted Couples

Exercise 6-16-2016
Reset Your Child’s Brain

Exercise 6-9-2016
The Neurobiology of Social Connection

Exercise 6-6-2016
The Correct Links to Finding Flow – For Yourself, with Couples

Exercise 6-2-2016
The Science of Finding Flow – and How to Work with Couples When Things Don’t Flow

Exercise 6-2-2016
How to Bounce Back from an Angry Outburst

Exercise 5-26-2016
Cultivating the Imagination for Healing, Change and Growth

Exercise 5-19-2016
Neuroscience Summit – Access to All, Forever 

Exercise 5-12-2016
Neuroscience Summit from Sounds True – Free Access Now

Exercise 5-5-2016
20 Ways to Apply Brain Science to Daily Life

Exercise 4-28-2016
Layers of Sound

Exercise 4-21-2016
Positivity Portfolio

Exercise 4-14-2016
Pain is not Pathology

Exercise 4-7-2016
Bouncing Back, Bouncing Forward – Backing Out!

Exercise 3-31-2016
Tara Brach’s Approach to Escaping the Grip of Fear

Exercise 3-24-2016
Transforming Fear

Exercise 3-24-2016
Orville Wright Didn’t Have a Pilot’s License

Exercise 3-17-2016
Four Extremely Useful Tips for Creating Your own Upward Spiral

Exercise 3-10-2016
The Proven Power of Nature to Boost Resilience

Exercise 3-3-2016
Richard Davidson – Four Constituents of Well-Being

Exercise 2-25-2016
How People Learn to Become Resilient

Exercise 2-18-2016
Resilience and Well-Being – Teachings Large and Small

Exercise 2-18-2016
When You Feel Stuck, Here’s How to Get Moving!

Exercise 2-11-2016
Getting Out of the Box

Exercise 2-11-2016
Getting Stuck…Getting Unstuck

Exercise 2-11-2016
Why Do People Get Stuck?  20 Experts Weigh In

Exercise 2-11-2016
Deep and Delightful Love

Exercise 2-4-2016
Singing – Immediate Antidote to Road Rage

Exercise 2-4-2016
Mindful Resilience: An Abundance of Resources

Exercise 1-28-2016
Creativity in Psychotherapy – It’s Possible, Even Essential

Exercise 1-28-2016
What Exactly Is Creativity?

Exercise 1-21-2016
The Top 10 Scientific Insights of 2015

Exercise 1-21-2016
A Journey with Jack Kornfield to Transform Negativity and Ease Self-Criticism

Exercise 1-14-2016
Breaking the Cycle of Fear and Anger

Exercise 1-14-2016
The Science of a Meaningful Life – Best Books of 2015

Exercise 1-7-2016
Resilience, Well-Being and Joy in 2016

Exercise 1-7-2016
The Best 2015 Articles from Greater Good Science Center

Exercise 12-31-2015
Prayer for the New Year

Exercise 12-24-2015
A Timeless Wish for Peace, Love and Joy

Exercise 12-17-2015
Healing Relationships over the Holidays

Exercise 12-10-2015
Some Serious Science about the Giving of Gifts

Exercise 12-3-2015
A very special access to Foundations of Well-Being Program

Exercise 12-3-2015
When the World Is Too Much With Us

Exercise 11-26-2015
Wishing You Loving Connected Presence this Thanksgiving

Exercise 11-23-2015
Final hours to register for “Shift Happens” live webinar

Exercise 11-19-2015
The Hidden Intelligence of Our Emotional Brain

Exercise 11-19-2015
Early bird discount for online “Shift Happens” webinar ends tonight

Exercise 11-16-2015
Live Webinar: Learn How to Help Your Clients Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, even Disaster

Exercise 11-12-2015
When Self Falls Away – Awakening to Our Essential Non-Dual Nature

Exercise 11-12-2015
Finding the Lessons in Difficulties and Disasters

Exercise 11-5-2015
What Matters in the End (All Along the Way, Too)

Exercise 10-29-2015
Resilience on the Road

Exercise 10-22-2015
New Ways to Turn Kids On to Learning

Exercise 10-15-2015
The Five Myths of Self-Compassion

Exercise 10-8-2015
Tools for Kids to Recover Resilience

Exercise 10-1-2015
When It’s Intelligent to Be a Wimp

Exercise 9-24-2015
How We Learn to Change Brains, Change Lives

Exercise 9-24-2015
How We Learn

Exercise 9-17-2015
The Power of Awareness – Great Teachings, Great Teachers

Exercise 9-17-2015
How to Be a Better Listener

Exercise 9-10-2015
For the Traveler – John O’Donohue

Exercise 9-3-2015
The Power of Awareness – Teachings of Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Ron Siegel

Exercise 9-3-2015
How to Change Your Brain to Change Your Mind

Exercise 8-27-2015
From Well-Being to Self-Combustion

Exercise 8-20-2015
What Emotions Are…and Aren’t

Exercise 8-13-2015
Just One Thing – Pay Attention

Exercise 8-6-2015
Paying Attention

Exercise 7-30-2015
Take Time to Be Kind

Exercise 7-23-2015
Lost and Found

Exercise 7-16-2015
Self-Compassion and Emotional Resilience

Exercise 7-9-2015
Just One Thing: Forgive Yourself

Exercise 7-9-2015
The View of Resilience from “Down Under”

Exercise 7-2-2015
Neuroscience of Resilience Interview with Australia Counseling

Exercise 7-2-2015
Getting In Touch with Your Inner Critic

Exercise 6-25-2015
Sense and Savor this Summer

Exercise 6-25-2015
How to Challenge Your Brain to Keep Growing

Exercise 6-18-2015
Nine Steps to Forgiveness

Exercise 6-11-2015
Resilience When Stressed – Find the Silver Lining

Exercise 6-4-2015
Pets – A Valuable Part of our Circle of Support

Exercise 6-4-2015
Human Brains – Pets’ Brains – Why We Love Pets and Why They Love Us

Exercise 5-28-2015
Foundations of Well-Being

Exercise 5-28-2015
Resilient Leadership

Exercise 5-25-2015
Post-Traumatic Growth Applied

Exercise 5-21-2015
It Only Takes a Few Minutes Per Day

Exercise 5-21-2015
Unwavering Confidence

Exercise 5-14-2015
Forgiveness: the Ultimate Repair

Exercise 5-14-2015
Why Forgiving Yourself Is the Best Thing You Can Do – For Yourself

Exercise 5-7-2015
“Full” – Ease Your Inner Hunger

Exercise 4-30-2015
Elizabeth Gilbert on Tribal Shame

Exercise 4-30-2015
Lifestyle is the New Medicine

Exercise 4-23-2015
Self-Compassion Helps You Love Your Body, Love Your Self

Exercise 4-23-2015
How to Help a Narcissist to Forgive

Exercise 4-16-2015
Preventing Near-Sightedness

Exercise 4-16-2015
The Human Age – the World Shaped by Us

Exercise 4-9-2015
8 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Goals

Exercise 4-9-2015
Self-Compassion Is a More Powerful Motivator than Self-Criticism

Exercise 4-2-2015
Simple Self-Care When Life Gets Hard

Exercise 4-2-2015
Change Your Brain – Change Your Life

Exercise 3-26-2015
Hugging is a Handshake from the Heart

Exercise 3-26-2015
Brain change – the quick, the easy, the scary

Exercise 3-19-2015
Clearing the Way for Positive Neuroplasticity

Exercise 3-12-2015
Refresh Your Brain – Take a Mental Break

Exercise 3-12-2015
No Internet – Oh No!

Exercise 3-5-2015
Change and Predictability – Both Essential for the Good Life

Exercise 3-5-2015
Rejuvenating Relationships with Mindfulness and Tara Brach

Exercise 2-26-2015
From Tara Brach: The Critical First Step in Healing Damaged Relationships

Exercise 2-26-2015
How a Challenging Past Can Lead to a Happier Present

Exercise 2-19-2015
Training in Bouncing Back for East Coast Clinicians

Exercise 2-19-2015

Exercise 2-12-2015
Catalyzing Brain Change

Exercise 2-12-2015
Bouncing Back at IONS Conference

Exercise 2-5-2015
The Intelligence of the Heart

Exercise 2-5-2015
Sleep – the Essential Replenishment

Exercise 1-29-2015
The Promise of a Pencil

Exercise 1-22-2015
Recovering Resilience, Deepening Dharma in 2015

Exercise 1-22-2015
Useful Tips on Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

Exercise 1-15-2015
Unlocking Your Natural Anti-Depressants

Exercise 1-15-2015
Be Super Resilient This Year

Exercise 1-8-2015
The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work

Exercise 1-8-2015
Breaking Rock – Earning a Living – Building a Cathedral

Exercise 1-1-2015
Awakening Joy in 2015

Exercise 12-25-2014
Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience

Exercise 12-25-2014
Christmas Truce 1914-2014

Exercise 12-18-2014
Foundations of Well-Being course – a great resource for 2015

Exercise 12-18-2014
Resilience, Mindfulness and Compassion on TED and CBS

Exercise 12-4-2014
Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience

Exercise 12-4-2014
Changing the Wallpaper

Exercise 12-1-2014:
More on Synchronicity

Exercise 11-27-2014:
Three Simple Ways to Bring Awe into Your Life

Exercise 11-20-2014:
Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on Our Path

Exercise 11-13-2014:
Blessed with a Brain Tumor

Exercise 11-6-2014:
Chocolate as a Resource for Recovering Resilience

Exercise 10-30-2014:
Getting to the core of unresolved trauma

Exercise 10-23-2014:
Deepening Wisdom on the Dharma Trail

Exercise 10-23-2014:
Check out these fabulous (and short!) videos that deepen your happiness, love, and joy

Exercise 10-16-2014:
Variations on a Theme – workshops on Bouncing Back, Brain Care, Mindful Self-Compassion

Exercise 10-16-2014:
Sense and Savor Walk

Exercise 10-9-2014:
When Trauma Changes Someone’s Life

Exercise 10-9-2014:
Too Busy? – Kindness and Compassion Can Fall Off the Radar

Exercise 10-2-2014:
What Makes Some People More Resilient after Trauma?

Exercise 10-2-2014:
18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving Kindness Meditation

Exercise 9-25-2014:
Fall 2014 Offerings in Bouncing Back on the West Coast

Exercise 9-25-2014:
Looking in the Mirror with Kindness 

Exercise 9-18-2014:
Being at Peace with the Pain of Others – without Drowning

Exercise 9-11-2014:
Mindfulness Training for Clinicians

Exercise 9-11-2014:
Six Skillful Ways to Deal with Disaster

Exercise 9-4-2014:
Two Powerful Ways to Deepen Happiness

Exercise 9-4-2014:
Self-Compassion Reduces Rumination

Exercise 8-28-2014:
Are you living your happiest life?

Exercise 8-28-2014:
The number one cause of human misery?

Exercise 8-21-2014:
Foundations of Well-Being course

Exercise 8-21-2014:
Three Flavors of Mindfulness

Exercise 8-14-2014:
Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain

Exercise 8-14-2014:
Resources for Forgiveness Practice

Exercise 8-7-2014:
Be Careful What You Preach

Exercise 7-31-2014:
When the Accelerator Pedal Gets Stuck

Exercise 7-24-2014:
Keep Strong and Carry On

Exercise 7-17-2014:
Overcome Procrastination through Self-Compassion

Exercise 7-10-2014:
Just One Thing – Rest

Exercise 7-3-2014:
The Five Easiest Ways to Give Others (and Yourself) a Happiness Boost

Exercise 6-26-2014:
Finding Equanimity Amidst Our Busy, Buzzing Thoughts

Exercise 6-19-2014:
One For You…One For Me

Exercise 6-12-2014:

Exercise 6-5-2014:
Hands to Serve; Hearts to Care

Exercise 5-29-2014:
How the Worst Moments in Our Lives Make Us Who We Are

Exercise 5-22-2014:
A Meaningful Life Is Healthier than a Happy One

Exercise 5-22-2014:
Gratitude for Bad Things That Don’t Happen

Exercise 5-15-2014:
How to Overcome Barriers to Forgiveness

Exercise 5-15-2014:
Look Up

Exercise 5-8-2014:
The Path to Self-Acceptance

Exercise 5-1-2014:
The Experiencing Self vs. the Remembering Self

Exercise 4-24-2014:
We ARE Wired to Connect

Exercise 4-17-2014:
Teaching Children to Calm Themselves

Exercise 4-10-2014:
Any Moment is a Cue to Practice Resilience

Exercise 4-3-2014:
How to Be Sick…and How to Be Well Even While Sick

Exercise 3-27-2014:
The Storyteller… and Forgiveness

Exercise 3-20-2014:
Recovering Resilience as Winter Melts into Spring

Exercise 3-13-2014:
Waking Up, Alive

Exercise 3-13-2014:
Play is Good Medicine for the Winter Blahs, Part II

Exercise 3-6-2014:
Play is Good Medicine for the Winter Blahs

Exercise 2-27-2014:
Gratitude Primes the Brain for Coping

Exercise 2-20-2014:
Laughter Around the World

Exercise 2-14-2014:
What Is This Thing Called Love?

Exercise 2-6-2014:
Mindful magazine: Taking Time for What Matters

Exercise 1-30-2014:
Coming to Terms with the Teenage Brain

Exercise 1-27-2014:
Mindfulness is Time magazine’s cover story

Exercise 1-23-2014:
Stoplight Exercise Gives a Green Light to Learning

Exercise 1-16-2014:
A Meaningful Life Is Healthier than a Happy One

Exercise 1-9-2014:
Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life

Exercise 1-2-2014:
What Orbiting in Space Taught Me about Resilience

Exercise 12-26-2013:
The Benefits to the Brain of a Good Night’s Sleep

Exercise 12-19-2013:
Meditation Changes Gene Expression

Exercise 12-12-2013:
Pause…for Presence…and Awe

Exercise 12-5-2013:
The Animated Short Boundin’

Exercise 11-28-2013:
Six Habits of Highly Grateful People

Exercise 11-21-2013:
Thriving Together and Negotiating Change

Exercise 11-21-2013:
Grit: The Key to Resilience

Exercise 11-14-2013:
Rewiring Difficult Experiences in Relationships

Exercise 11-7-2013:
“I Need to Shift My Attitude!”

Exercise 10-31-2013:
Hallowe’en – Blessing the Lives of the Departed

Exercise 10-24-2013:
Compassionate Communication

Exercise 10-17-2013:
Love Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

Exercise 10-10-2013:
Resources for the Greater Good

Exercise 10-3-2013:
The Secret Lives of the Brain

Exercise 9-26-2013:
Service v. Seclusion

Exercise 9-19-2013:
A Year To Live

Exercise 9-12-2013:
Challenge Your Inner Critic and Celebrate Your Personal Strengths

Exercise 9-5-2013:
Coping with Stress through “Flow”

Exercise 8-29-2013:
What’s Right with This Wrong?

Exercise 8-22-2013:
The Impact of Pure Being on Well-Being

Exercise 8-15-2013:
Recovering Resilience Nature-ally

Exercise 8-8-2013:
Are Positive Emotions Good for Your Heart?

Exercise 8-1-2013:
Confronting Good and Evil

Exercise 7-25-2013:
The Seeds of Love

Exercise 7-18-2013:
Little Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On

Exercise 7-11-2013:
Unexpected Influences On Our Decisions and Behaviors

Exercise 7-4-2013:
Celebrating Freedom and Independence

Exercise 6-27-2013:
Enthusiasm Is a Skill

Exercise 6-20-2013:
All Things Fall Away

Exercise 6-13-2013:
Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being

Exercise 6-6-2013:
Movement into Life

Exercise 5-30-2013:

Exercise 5-23-2013:
The National Pastime as a Resource for Resilience

Exercise 5-16-2013:
Model for Lifelong Learning

Exercise 5-9-2013:
Cultivating Gratitude to Wire In New Patterns

Exercise 5-2-2013:
Setting Limits and Boundaries

Exercise 4-25-2013:
Moving the Body to Rewire Difficult Emotions

Exercise 4-18-2013:
Resilience in the Face of Sudden Tragedy

Exercise 4-11-2013:
Listening to the Intuitive Wisdom of the Wiser Self

Exercise 4-4-2013:
Play and Laughter for Well-Being

Exercise 3-28-2013:
Creating a Circle of Support

Exercise 3-21-2013:
Setting Limits and Boundaries

Exercise 3-14-2013:
Repairing a Rupture

Exercise 3-7-2013:
Self-Acceptance Project

Exercise 2-28-2013:
Self-Compassion for Couples

Exercise 2-21-2013:
Breathing Together; Living Deeply

Exercise 2-14-2013:
Carry Love and Appreciation in Your Wallet

Exercise 2-7-2013:
Far-Flung Resources

Exercise 1-31-2013:
One Big Helpful Resource for Recovering Resilience

Exercise 1-24-2013:
Tara Brach’s True Refuge

Exercise 1-17-2013:
Healthy Mind Platter

Exercise 1-10-2013:
From New Years’ Resolutions to Reliable Habits

Exercise 1-3-2013:
Three Points to Steady You through Life’s Changes

Exercise 12-27-2012:
Running Makes Your Brain Smarter

Exercise 12-20-2012:
Human Strength and Goodness After Sandy Hook

Exercise 12-13-2012:

Exercise 12-6-2012:
The Grasshopper in the Salad…Adventures in Resilience

Exercise 11-29-2012:
Connecting through Safe and Loving Touch

Exercise 11-22-2012:
Blessing the Space Between Us

Exercise 11-15-2012:
The Cure for Exhaustion is Wholeheartedness

Exercise 11-8-2012:
Hanging Out with Healthy Brains

Exercise 10-31-2012:
CBS Sunday Morning Broadcast on Resilience and Bouncing Back

Exercise 10-31-2012:
Kindness and Connection

Exercise 10-24-2012:
Practicing Compassion

Exercise 10-17-2012:
Shit Happens…Shift Happens

Exercise 10-10-2012:
Interconnectedness…Seeing That Clearly

Exercise 10-3-2012:
Noticing and Naming

Exercise 9-26-2012:
Soaking in Self-Compassion

Exercise 9-19-2012:
Cultivating Self-Compassion

Exercise 9-12-2012:
Breathing into Calm

Exercise 9-5-2012:
Hand on the Heart