Resources for Recovering Resilience: Change Your Brain – Change Your Life

I teach mental health professionals all across the country now: tools and techniques they can use to strengthen the functioning of their patients’ brains. Patients can learn to harness the neuroplasticity of their brains to create the changes in their habits and behaviors that will literally transform their lives.

NICABM has created another cutting-edge webinar series on The New Brain Science that demonstrates ways you can apply modern brain science in your work with patients (or with yourselves!) right away, safely, efficiently, effectively.

Each of the presenters is a pioneer in applying the discoveries of modern neuroscience to clinical work; each of them has been a mentor of mine:

  • Daniel Siegel, MD – How to Help Clients Integrate Their Brain to Unlock Healing
  • Norman Doidge, MD – Harnessing the Enormous Potential of Neuroplasticity
  • Pat Ogden, PhD – How Neurobiology Changed the Way We View Trauma Treatment
  • Rick Hanson, PhD – Transforming the Brain Through Good Experiences
  • Stephen Porges, PhD – Body, Brain, Behavior: How Polyvagal Theory Expands Our Healing Paradigm
  • Kelly McGonigal, PhD – The Neurobiology of Willpower (It’s Not What You Expect)

It’s free to watch each webinar at the time of broadcast – you just have to sign up.

Or, you can register for a Gold Membership to get the video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts, bonus sessions, and three key learning tools that simplify the question of where to start.

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You’ll hear from some of the top brain science experts who will show you how the latest techniques can help patients start making changes that last.