Resources for Recovering Resilience: Check out these fabulous (and short!) videos that deepen your happiness, love, and joy

Happify Daily is a terrific new resource for recovering resilience. Daily posts of 3 or more videos that speak directly to the heart and mind – about courage, compassion, generosity, delight. Touching looks into our common humanity. Refreshing, rejuvenating, resourcing.

Hundreds of posts are archived on the website. Here are a few of my favorites from the last month. Totally worth watching.

You’ve Never Seen Folks Waiting for Traffic Look This Happy

How best to combat dangerous jaywalking habits? One company decided to install a unique traffic walking sign in Portugal that broadcast dancers in real-time to waiting folks on the street. The result? 81% more people stopped at the red light, making for a much safer city. But what we really loved was the awesome enthusiasm and spontaneous dancing that happened all over Lisbon’s busy streets. Now that’s innovation that’s safe and fun. (1:56)

* * * * *

Would You Stop to Help Someone Who’s Sad? See What These Amazing Strangers Did

Alan, aka Will Is Everything, struggled with depression for years, and decided to perform a social experiment at UCLA. He wanted to see how strangers would react to his depression and need for help. Incredibly, quite a few passers-by stopped, sat down, offered to listen, and spent time telling him that everything would be okay. Alan sends a message that mental health awareness is more important than ever-and that we’re not alone. (4:42)

* * * * *

A Man Disguised as Homeless Give Money to Those Who Stop to Help Him

YouTube prankster Daws dresses up as a homeless man and begs for change on the street. However, in a kind, surprise twist, when someone takes the time to give to him, he gives them $20 right back. (4:45)

* * * * *

These Are the Friends We All Should Be: A Homecoming Court Rallies Around a Bullied Girl

Mean girls told high school senior Lillian Skinner she was in the homecoming court as a sarcastic joke. What happened next? Lillian’s friends hatched a plan to give her the ultimate redemption-and to send the message that bullying has no place at their school. (2:32)

* * * * *

Dislike What You See When You Look in the Mirror? Take a Minute to Watch This Video

Do you ever look into the mirror only to notice your imperfections? In this experiment, middle-aged women at the mall were asked to look into a mirror and rate how good they feel about what they see. The results were…not so good. But little did they know, these “smart” mirrors were about to show these women just how wonderful-and loved-they really are. See who’s hiding behind them! (3:24)

* * * * *

Watch These Young Adults Say “I Love You” to Their Parents for the First Time Ever

In many cultures, saying “I love you” is not a normal practice. In fact, many kids never hear it from their parents-and never say it back, either. (Of course, it doesn’t mean there isn’t love shared between them-it’s simply expressed in other ways.) Watch these young Asian-American adults say a simple statement that means so much to everyone involved. (6:49)

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