Resources for Recovering Resilience: Getting Out of the Box

My cup of creativity runneth over. I hope you’ll forgive the abundance of offerings as we move fully into this new year.

Here’s the link to Create Fest 2016 – a virtual conference on bringing more playfulness and intuitive wisdom into the serious business of psychotherapy. Like many experienced therapists, I value my theoretical orientations and incorporate the latest research findings into my therapeutic work with clients. I also value my deeply honed intuitive wisdom and the remarkable outcomes that can happen when I dare to think outside of the box.

Please join me and a dozen other masterful clinicians for 2 days of inspiring interviews and experiential exercises to help you more enjoy the challenging work we do to restore hope, rebuild the human soul, and alleviate suffering.

You’ll be given powerful and practical ways to invite more creativity and joy into your practice.

Click here to join; it’s FUN.