Resources for Recovering Resilience: Rejuvenating Relationships with Mindfulness and Tara Brach

One of the joys of creating these posts is the opportunity to alert people to the offerings of wise and gifted teachers who, through their books, websites, workshops, and webinars, provide tools and techniques for recovering resilience that are practical and transformative.

Tara Brach is one of those teachers, respected internationally for her ability to help us know the deepest wisdom of our hearts and minds. And her upcoming webinar through NICABM on resilient and healthy relationships is one of those offerings that is potentially life-changing.

When relationships get tough, it’s often challenging for any of us to remain open and trusting. Sometimes it can be much easier to walk away in hurt and judgment; insecurity can become toxic, lead to defensiveness, and cause shutdown.

Research is confirming the power of mindfulness to get beyond that toxicity and shut down – to transform relationships and strengthen connections, to bring more intimacy into romantic relationships, and more closeness into friendships and families.

Throughout NICABM’s innovative program (including 6 one-hour Q&A sessions with Tara,) Tara will share with you the wisdom that so many have benefited from. She will be your guide in easing away from self-criticism, transforming negativity, and opening your heart to more compassion and love. Tara’s course will cover:

* Awaken Intimacy and Expand the Capacity for Love
* Rewire the Brain for More Loving Relationships through Mindfulness
* How to Let Go: Breaking Free from the “Control” Strategies that Harm Relationships
* Deepen Attention to Explore Who We Are
* Forgiveness: Letting Go of Pain, Blame, and Resentment
* Cultivating a Deeper Love: How to Open Our Hearts to See the Goodness

Mindfulness is such a valuable tool for building the inner love and peace that can permeate all areas of our lives, romantic relationships and beyond. And this one-of-a-kind program is a unique opportunity to experience the wisdom and expertise of one of the world’s most beloved mindfulness teachers.

P.S. Because participants will be going through this program as a community, NICABM will close registration as the program begins. Be sure to register soon if you’d like to be part of it.

All the best,