Resources for Recovering Resilience: The Seeds of Love

As I continue to post these resources, quotes, and newsletters, readers increasingly send me recommendations of books, articles, and exercises on resilience. I’m deeply grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity in these offerings. (Connections to resources is one of the 6 C’s of coping.) I get to expand my own horizons and become a conduit for passing outstanding teachings on to others.

Just last week, The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships by Jerry Braza, foreword by Thich Nhat Hanh, arrived. The cover’s sub-title contains the kernel of wisdom in the book: That Which We Nurture in Ourselves Is That Which We Become.

The author, dharma teacher extraordinaire, uses the metaphor of nurturing ourselves as the gardener of the ground of consciousness, using the seeds of both suffering and joy to nourish the seeds of love. The mindful practice of seeing and renewing the roots of our being allows us to compost the seeds of suffering and water the seeds of love into a garden of loving relationships. Specific practices of looking deeply, opening to compassion, deep listening, composting fear, anger, jealousy and doubt, recognizing your own gifts and giving them away, loving speech, and deepening joy help the reader treasure the inner garden and become the love we seek to live in relationships.

A simple, powerful gem.