Resources for Recovering Resilience: The Best Time to Cultivate More Well-Being is Right Now

ading into a busy, sometimes frenetic holiday season. All of us are heading into the turning of a passing year into a new year – we hope full of possibility, healing and awakening. My good friend and colleague Rick Hanson is offering a rather amazing program that can steadily and reliably deepen your sense of well-being, whatever the coming year might hold. Please check out his Foundations of Well-Being program; it has literally been changing thousands of lives for the better.

In this guided, step-by-step program, Rick shows you how to use the science of positive neuroplasticity to turn ordinary experiences into powerful inner strengths, including kindness toward yourself, insight into others, grit, gratitude, and self-worth.

In the Foundations program, Rick uses the 12 Pillars of Well-Being to teach you practical, effective ways to see more of the good in your life, and grow greater calm, contentment, and confidence from the inside out.

It’s thorough, it’s deep, and it works-with insightful talks, guided practices, revealing quizzes, monthly live-streamed events with Rick, creative activities, and inspiring guest experts like Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, and Gretchen Rubin and yours truly, Linda Graham. You also get vibrant community forums, the science behind the program, special interest areas (e.g., children, addiction) – and a money-back guarantee.

With the early-bird special that is available now through December 23rd, you can save over $170 when you choose the single-payment option. Also, psychotherapists, social workers, and nurses can receive 24 continuing education credits from PESI for just an additional $50.

You really can change your brain for the better, and in the Foundations of Well-Being program, it’s straight-forward, fascinating, and fun.

You can start feeling less stressed or worried, become more mindful and grateful, free yourself from past painful experiences, and experience more pleasure and joy in daily life.