Resources for Recovering Resilience: Busting Myths about Male Sexuality

My colleagues Juliet Austin and Clinton Power from the Mind Body Training Institute in Australia are hosting a comprehensive course on sexuality issues for men with sex therapy expert, Dr. Joe Kort.

The course is called Busting Myths about Male Sexuality: Implications for Therapy with Men, Women, and Couples, – and, sure enough, are there a lot of myths that will be busted in this comprehensive online course.

This course has over 15 hours of training in some of the most fascinating and challenging topics related to men’s sexuality. Some of the information may surprise you; some of it may boggle your mind.

Topics covered in this sex therapy course:

  • Understanding Healthy Male Sexuality
  • The Reality of Sexual Fluidity
  • Men’s Use of Pornography and its Impact on Relationships
  • Working with Male Sexual Abuse Survivors
  • Infidelity and the New Monogamy

The course is for ALL therapists, whether you work with men, women, or couples. In addition to the 6 modules presented given by Dr. Kort, there are 6 amazing bonus interviews with other leading experts on male sexuality.

Please check it out now as registration closes at midnight Pacific Time, Monday, October 17.

P.S. If you are one of the estimated 90% of therapists who do not have any training in sex therapy or sexual health this may be something you want to consider.