Resources for Recovering Resilience: How to Grow from Your Regrets – Training in Trauma and Resilience for Clinicians

Leading Edge Seminars in Toronto, Canada is sponsoring many excellent clinical trainings this fall that incorporate neuroscience in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, marital problems, etc.

Among them, my own 3-day training in Shift Happens, October 27-29, 2016. And…

Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma, a 10-month online training with Janina Fisher.

I can’t recommend Janina’s training highly enough. I have learned so much from Janina over the years, in her workshops, in her colleaugeial friendship. She’s simply superb.

Janina Fisher is a master clinician in trauma treatment. She is known for her profound synthesis of neuroscience, attachment theory, and sensorimotor approaches to treating complex trauma.

Every Monday once a month for 2 hours, Janina will deliver a comprehensive survey of recent research on trauma and attachment development and how this research can be applied clinically. The interventions cited in the webinar include: psychodynamic psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, CBT, couples and family therapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and internal Family Systems.

With Janina’s lectures, with real-time interaction with Janina via chat messaging, and reading assignments in between sessions, this will be a rich learning experience that will give you the time and space to fully integrate this innovative approach to trauma treatment.

Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma

Webinar presented by Janina Fisher, PhD

One Monday session per month from September, 2016 – June, 2017

12pm to 2pm (Eastern Standard Time), all sessions to be recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.

Price: CAN $475.00 before taxes

See full webinar description plus detailed agenda here: or email or call 416-964-1133.

To receive $25 off the registration rate, please enter the code GRA456 in the box labelled “Flyer Code” on the online registration form just before you hit “Submit”. Truly, you MUST enter the code in the “Flyer Code” box BEFORE you hit “Submit” on the first page of the online registration form otherwise your discount will not be applied.

May you find the training practical and powerful.