Resources for Recovering Resilience: Introducing Mastermind Class for Therapists: Attachment and Trauma

I really don’t mean to inundate your email inbox with so many offerings all at once, but it’s the new year and so many good programs are beginning right now. So, here goes.

My close colleague Dr. Diane Poole Heller has just reopened her monthly Therapy Mastermind Circle for a limited time.

You can watch a short video about the monthly training and get all the details about the upcoming theme Emergence: Evolving the Essential Self and the Capacity to Connect here: Therapy Mastermind Circle

I will be teaching in the summer program Nature, Nurture, and Neurons: Knowing How to Love Deeply

Each month as a member you’ll receive the following:

  1. Psychotherapy video trainings on attachment, neuroscience and trauma that you can watch online or download
  2. Live Q&A calls with the community
  3. Actual case studies and consultations to learn how to put the theory into practice
  4. Regular bonus calls with leading experts [coming up in the following months we will hear from Ellyn Bader, Terry Real, Pat Love and myself

There is thoughtful curriculum planned this year that explore some of the most important topics for therapists. Some of the topics include the dynamics of both positive and negative merging; how to end the shame-blame cycle to reclaim empowerment and relational resilience; developing the capacity for positive dependence; and regaining buoyancy after boundary rupture and repair.

The Therapy Mastermind Circle gives you the latest knowledge, access to leading experts and powerful therapy community all at a reasonable price and qualifies for 20 professional CEs. I encourage you to check it out today.

Diane opens enrollment only for a short time. Find out all the details for this special program by clicking here: Therapy Mastermind Circle May this prove supremely useful to you and your clients.