Resources for Recovering Resilience: Meditation Summit – 30 of the World’s Leading

Today’s earlier post – “Paradigm Shifts Happen – Modern Warfare Destroys the Brain” – reported on scientific discoveries about the impact of modern warfare on soldiers’ brains, calling for paradigm shifts in how we screen and treat traumatic brain injury in our military.

And how we need to be able to take in new information and shift our world view when necessary.

One of the most powerful tools ever for waking up and shifting views is mindfulness – practiced for millennia in Eastern spiritual traditions, increasingly practice in the West as modern neuroscience validates the beneficial impact of meditation practice on the brain and on our well-being.

I’ll be teaching tools of mindfulness to shift paradigms in a July 9, 2016 daylong at Spirit Rock Meditation Center: “Shift Happens: Learning to Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, Even Disaster.”

And Sounds True is currently offering a Meditation Summit with 30 of the world’s leading meditation teachers. This online series offers practice sessions with venerable teachers from a variety of traditions:

Pema Chodron
Thich Nhat Hanh
Jack Kornfield,
Tara Brach
Reggie Ray
Joseph Goldstein
Sharon Salzberg
Richard Miller
Rick Hanson

And many others.

Click here to learn more about the Meditation Summit and register if you wish. Take the time to deepen your practice and strengthen your capacities to see clearly and shift paradigms when needed.