Resources for Recovering Resilience: Now Open: The Leading Edge of Psychotherapy Online Trainings

Sounds True just opened registration for its new and very exciting Leading Edge of Psychotherapy online trainings. I’m more than very excited to be one of four presenters:

  • Trauma and the Embodied Brain with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT
  • What Every Therapist Ought to Know with Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
  • Neuroscience for Psychotherapists with Linda Graham, MFT
  • Attachment in the Practice of Psychotherapy with David Wallin, PhD

This comprehensive training program features four different 8-week intensive programs, one per quarter, during 2017.

Click here to get all the details about all four presenters. My segments will focus on:

Session #1: Why It’s Essential to Help Clients Harness Their Own Neuroplasticity

Session #2: Conditions in the Therapeutic Relationship That Support Neuroplasticity

Session #3: Somatic Intelligence: Accessing Body Wisdom to Rewire the Brain

Session #4: Emotional Intelligence: Neuroscience is Revolutionizing Our Thinking About Feelings

Session #5: Relational Intelligence: From Wariness and Mistrust to Safety and Trust, from Resistance to Resonance

Session #6: Reflective Intelligence: Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Session #7: Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

Session #8: Brain Care

Throughout the next year of this intensive training, you will receive:

Four separate psychotherapy online mastery trainings, each consisting of eight weeks of teachings plus two live calls

  • Eight LIVE Q&A calls over the next year
  • Transcripts of ALL video teachings and calls
  • Downloadable videos for lifetime access
  • CE credits will be available for purchase
  • Presenter bonuses

Each course will last eight weeks and include live interaction with the presenters.

I had a wonderful time researching and recording my segment of the training. And very, very much look forward to the live Q&A sessions later this year which will deepen my learning even more.

Click here to register; the way it’s done these days, registration won’t stay open for long.