Resources for Recovering Resilience: Reduce Reactivity and Deepen Connection

What if one critical shift could improve your most cherished relationships?

Imagine waking up every day feeling more alive, connected, and secure – without fear or worry about being anyone but your most authentic self.

Picture the tense silence after that same old argument you keep having with your partner. Now picture that giving way to open, honest, productive conversation.

And those shouting sessions you used to have with your teenage son? Imagine them replaced by evenings of board games and laughing.

Relationships can change.

Tara Brach, one of the most beloved, trusted, and gifted mindfulness teachers in the world, is offering a comprehensive, interactive program through NICABM. You’ll can learn practices that can help reduce reactivity, deepen connection, and improve almost any relationship.

Registration for the course ends at midnight tonight; the course won’t be offered again this year. Please do check out the possibilities for eliminating blame, counter-acting self-criticism, changing perspectives, and enriching your relationships.