Resources for Recovering Resilience: Transforming Fear

Fear can derail our resilience in a nanosecond. We can get startled, frightened, scared in an instant, just going through our regular day-to-day, and suddenly we can feel anxious even panicky. Fear can cloud our judgment, trigger defensiveness, distance us from people who care about us, stifle our creativity and productivity.

Two great resources to help you – and people you care about – loosen the grip of fear:

1) Tara Brach, one of the warmest and most gifted teachers of mindfulness on the planet, just completed a great new series of short instructional videos with my colleagues at NICABM.

The first video investigates how mindfulness practices can transform our relationship to fear — so it no longer derails our relationships and limits our lives.

It’s free — just click here to register and watch.

May you enjoy and benefit from Tara’s wisdom and teachings as much as I do.

2) Laurie Grossman, co-founder of Mindful Schools, has just published a wonderful Master of Mindfulness: How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress. Written for kids by kids (5th graders at Reach Academy in Oakland, CA) the book offers wonderful illustrations and tips that show kids how to be confident, get focused, stay calm, and tap into their own inner strength when things go wrong, or when they have scary thoughts or strong feelings. Learning and practicing mindfulness can make it easier to deal with the fears they face every day by showing them how to tap into their own inner strength in times of stress. The book is brilliant, it’s helpful, and it’s fun.