Resources for Recovering Resilience: Working with Inadequacy

I’ve worked with, studied with, learned from many, many excellent teachers since the publication of Bouncing Back in 2013. One of the most superb is Ron Siegel – bright, comprehensive, engaging, and deeply steeped in the power of mindfulness and compassion to create shift in how we view ourselves and support ourselves in recovering our resilience.

Here’s the link to a free and brief (12 minute) video that introduces a course Ron will be offering through NICABM on working with inadequacy and feeling not good enough.

In this video, Ron clearly explains why competitive self-esteem leads people to misery. You get a clear sense of his application of the neurobiology of mindfulness to his work with clients struggling with low self-esteem, depression, social anxiety, addictions, etc.

I especially appreciate his examples of helping clients experience themselves rather than evaluate themselves and develop the meta-cognitive awareness that allows them to challenge their relentless comparing themselves to others.

This free video will be available for a short time only. Please do check it out. You’ll have to go through some hoops to assure your privacy on NICABM’s website, but it’s easy and well-worthwhile.