Life coaching is a collaborative process of calling forth the client’s naturally creative, resourceful whole self to:

  • zero in on a life purpose resonant with one’s truest core values and deepest passions
  • create an action plan to get traction and move forward into a more balanced, satisfying life, especially when feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or de-railed
  • overcome self-defeating behaviors and negative self talk, the inner critic, old tapes, gremlins, saboteurs
  • >use imagination, intuition and inquiry to create the perspectives, options, and plans that will be most effective in creating the life one wants
  • manifest the fullest creative expression of one’s true potential, one’s true self.

I’ve completed the intensive core training of the Coaches Training Institute,, one of the most rigorous and most respected coaching training programs in the country.  I’ve incorporated many of the exercises and tools from Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being into my resilience coaching and now offer life coaching as an alternative or as a complement to more traditional psychotherapy.

What Coachees Say…

“Every coaching call with Linda leaves me energized, with a deeper sense of purpose.  I become further awakened to my strengths with each coaching conversation.  Linda opens windows to me that I didn’t even know existed.”
Terri Hughes, Human Resources Director, Boise, Idaho

“Linda has an ability to listen deeply that is rare and invaluable. Any fears of superficial resolutions are quickly dissolved. The client is given a springboard of imagination to bring seemingly unrealizable dreams into effective attitudes and actions that arise from authentic and sustainable sources in the client.”
Cariadne MacKenzie, anthropologist and artist, Point Reyes, CA

“Linda understands that she is working with the whole person, and she is adept at helping me set and accomplish goals in my professional and personal life.  She is a gem: skilled, smart, funny, and caring!”
–  Alice Jacobson, college president (retired) , Portland, OR

“My journey with Linda as my coach has been nothing less than transformative!  Linda is always present, supportive, even when (especially when) it means firmly holding me accountable, loving, compassionate and wise.”
Cris Obieta, human resources consultant, Berkeley, CA

Life coaching sessions take place in the San Francisco Bay Area in person, nationally on the phone, world-wide toll free (on the phone via computer with

For more information about the processes of coaching, schedules, fees, or about the initial discovery session, contact Linda at 415-924-7765 or e-mail her through this website.