Transformational Psychotherapy
Individual Psychotherapy
Couples Psychotherapy
Linda’s Clinical Background

Transformational Psychotherapy

Therapy is an inner journey, guided in a supportive relationship by a skillful therapist, through processes of mindful empathy. The client(s) become more conscious of their own experiences, hold them in compassionate acceptance and, through reflective inquiry. come to a wise discernment that then leads to skillful choices and authentic change.

Therapy evokes the shifts in perspectives and changes in patterns of response necessary

  • to fully realize one’s inherent potential
  • to wholeheartedly emerge a vital, resilient, authentic sense of self
  • to skillfully relate to others, passionately and compassionately.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is an inner journey of self-exploration, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-expression, co-created, witnessed and celebrated by a True Other to one’s True Self.

As a warm, interactive psychotherapist, I provide the experiences, guidance and skills that:

  • facilitate self discovery, shift dysfunctional patterns, and promote growth in the direction of fulfillment and well-being
  • attune to the inner reality of the client, getting to the heart of deep pain and suffering quickly; finding paths of resolution steadily
  • resolve trauma, manage stress and afflictive emotions, foster trust, well-being and self esteem
  • discover new understandings, possibilities, choices about self
  • create resources: inner resilience, relational support, better coping skills, more options
  • develop and integrate the inner capacities and processes that allow for the emergence of a healthy, balanced, authentic True Self.

Couples Psychotherapy

Couples therapy is a process of developing relational-emotional intelligence, of creating trust, connection, and happiness in intimate relationships.

As a knowledgeable, experienced couples therapist, I help couples:

  • regain an emotionally secure, inter-dependent attachment
  • learn conscious communication skills and empathic, relational strategies
  • reduce defensiveness, stop hostility, heal trauma, repair trust
  • transform relational dynamics into skillful, loving connections, creating emotional empathy and genuine intimacy
  • solve problems, resolve differences, make decisions and commitments, achieve goals
  • clear up “old baggage” from families of origin and previous relationships; resolve impasses with children and extended family
  • develop resources within each person and within the relationship
  • experience the deep joy of a loving, committed relationship

Individual and couples therapy sessions available by appointment in Corte Madera, CA. Contact Linda at 415-924-7765 or e-mail Linda through this website with your questions and concerns.

Linda’s Clinical Background

As a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #32372), I am licensed by the state of California to provide psychological services to individuals, couples, families and groups, and certified by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to supervise MFT interns.

I have specialized in relationship counseling for more than 20 years, helping clients become more present and aware in all forms of relationships, learning to listen to the emotional truth of others while gaining greater authenticity in expressing their own, creating the conscious and empathic relating that supports genuine understanding, connection, joy and love.

My master’s degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University gave me a solid foundation in psychodynamic psychotherapy for treating the traumas and dysfunctions that block us from our full aliveness and wholeness, keeping us stuck in the muck of fear, depression, anxiety, shame, confusion, overwhelm, loneliness, despair.

In the almost two decades of clinical practice and extensive training in meditation, attachment theory and neuroscience since then, I have become a skillful guide in the journey from muck to light, helping clients transform their experience of self from miserable anguish and suffering through radical self acceptance, wise discernment and courageous alignment with their own true nature, to genuine radiant joy, moment-to-moment, lasting a lifetime.

As an experienced clinician, my clinical work now integrates techniques from the most effective cutting edge psychotherapies, the most recent findings of cognitive and affective neuroscience, and accessible practices of coaching, meditation, and yoga, drawing on years of study with:

Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, senior trainer in interpersonal neurobiology.
James Baraz, M.A., co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and international dharma teacher.
Sylvia Boorstein, PhD, founding teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and international dharma teacher,
Tara Brach, PhD, international dharma teacher,
Coaches Training Institute,
Janina Fisher, PhD., senior trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,
Diana Fosha, PhD, founder of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.
Chris Germer, PhD., co-developer of Mindful Self-Compassion training,
Daniel Goleman, psychologist/journalist, pioneer in the fields of emotional and social intelligence
Rick Hanson, PhD, founder, Wellspring Institute,
Susan Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
Dacher Keltner, PhD, founder, Greater Good Science Center, U.C.Berkeley.
Jack Kornfield, founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
Marsha Linehan, PhD, founder of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
Kristin Neff, co-founder of Mindful Self-Compassion training.
Pat Ogden, PhD, founder, and Janina Fisher, PhD, senior trainer, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma.
Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems.
Francine Shapiro, PhD, founder, and Laurel Parnell, PhD, senior trainer, of EMDR (trauma therapy).
Daniel Siegel, M.D., formulator of interpersonal neurobiology.
Barbara Voinar, international teacher of Iyengar yoga.
David Wallin, PhD, senior trainer in Attachment, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.