Professional Development

Linda offers advanced professional development trainings to psychotherapists through community counseling centers, colleges and universities, local and national conferences. The focus of most of the clinical trainings is the new discipline of relational neuropsychology.

Topics include the neuroscience of resilience, the neuroscience of self-care, the neuroscience of attachment, integrating mindfulness into psychotherapy, and the power of mindful empathy to heal toxic shame.

From a foundation in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and attachment-based couples therapy, clinicians learn to integrate mindfulness practice, somatic-based trauma therapies and experiential modalities into their ongoing clinical work.

From didactics, experiential exercises and group discussions, clinicians integrate theory and research findings with empirically validated methods that help clients move from relational distress and trauma to a deeper resilience, and a recovered relational intelligence and intimacy.

Personal Growth and Self-Transformation

Linda also offers workshops focused on personal growth and self-transformation. Topics based on her book Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being include:

  • The Neuroscience of Resilience and Renewal
  • Brain Care Is Self-Care
  • Shit Happens…Shift Happens
  • Positive Emotions Build Resilience
  • Mindfulness and Compassion: Two Powerful Agents of Brain Change

Upcoming/Past Trainings

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What Participants Say…

“Linda’s workshop was well organized, informative and very practical. I was particularly impressed by her ability to integrate her clinical work with cutting edge ideas from contemporary neuropsychology. All in all, her presentation provided an excellent balance between didactic and experiential learning.”
–  Jerry Lamagna, LCSW
Presenter, AEDP Institute, New York, NY

“Linda’s workshop was meticulously prepared and beautifully carried out. How wonderful to be working on our mental health and our inner resources. If you are going to go through a process that will change who you are as a person, the synchronicity of the leader as a person and a therapist/presenter matters. Linda is remarkably human and well-informed; I felt in extremely experienced and warm hands with Linda, and left the workshop feeling deeply moved and centered.”
–  Natasha Prenn, LCSW, New York

“Linda did an outstanding job of integrating theory and practice.  I appreciated her warm and engaging style, as well as her intelligent and articulate presentation.”
–  Marla Cass, MFT, Menlo Park, CA

“Linda knows where we’re going on this journey of transformation, and she knows how to help us get there.”
– Eve Siegel, M.S., C.M.T., Berkeley, CA

“Linda is a gifted guide who leads with her heart.  She speaks the truth and conveys trust, and her professionalism is impeccable.  I always learn when I am with her.”
– Bonnie O’Brien Jonsson, M.S.. Berkeley, CA