Audio Recordings

Welcome to audio recordings of excerpts and exercises from Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being.  [Additional excerpts and exercise will be added in the coming months.]

Each excerpt and exercise, freely and easily downloadable, is offered as a practical experiment in rewiring your brain for more resilience and well-being.

Because every brain is conditioned differently, everyone’s experience using these exercises will be different. I suggest you do them at your own pace, preferably at a time and in a space where you can listen and practice without being disturbed or distracted.

It will be helpful to do the exercises in the order presented to progress steadily toward more complex skills. It will be useful to engage in these experiments with curiosity and openness rather than following fixed rules and expecting a guaranteed outcome.

As you reflect on the learning your brain is encoding from each exercise, you will notice that you are rewiring your brain as you go along. As you learn to rewire your brain from the level of the neurons up, you will experience the joy of recovering a resilience that will last a lifetime.

Click on the section link below to access particular excerpts and exercises:

Written and recorded by Linda Graham, MFT @ 2014
Music performed by Michael Goldberg, M.A.
Produced by Anthony Wright, PhD
Produced by John Alevizakis, Little Buddha Studio