Better Choices – Better Patterns of Response

Better Choices – Better Patterns of Response

The brain is shaped by experience. And because we have a choice about what experiences we want to use to shape our brain, we have a responsibility to choose the experiences that will shape the brain toward the wise and the wholesome. – Richard Davidson, PhD

We can harness the capacities of the brain to rewire its circuitry, and thus change our patterns of response to challenges and crises of our lives, through self-directed neuroplasticity. When we know which tools and techniques of new conditioning work best to recover our capacities for resilience, even to strengthen the functioning of the brain itself to do that rewiring, we can recover the 6 C’s of coping more safely, effectively and efficiently.

Click on links to listen to or download excerpts and exercises from Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience by Linda Graham, MFT.

Introduction to Conditioning and Neuroplasticty

Exercise: Create a Better Choice through New Conditioning

Exercise: Change ANTs (Automatics Negative Thoughts) to PATs (Positive Automatic Thoughts)

Introduction to the Power of Positive Emotions

Exercise in Sharing Kindness

Exercise in Practicing Gratitude

Exercise in Taking in the Good

Introduction to Creating a Circle of Support

Exercise in Creating a Circle of Support

Exercise in Carrying Love and Appreciation in Your Wallet

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