A Full Spectrum of Resources for Recovering Resilience

A Full Spectrum of Resources for Recovering Resilience

Three completely different resources that span the spectrum of what it means to be more resilient in 2021.

Dance Across America is a 3-minute, high energy, culturally diverse tribute to being joyful and fully alive, released on Inauguration Day, 2021.

Using Your Voice Is a Political Choice, the 7-minute TED-Ed talk by Amanda Gorman, now known around the world as the youngest inaugural poet in American history.  The 20 year old poet-activist reminds us:

Poetry has never been the language of barriers; it’s always been the language of bridges.  And it’s this connection-making that makes poetry, yes, powerful, but also makes it political…Poetry is always at the pulse of the most dangerous and most daring questions a nation or a world might face.  What path do we stand on as a people, and what future as a people do we stand for?

Jack Kornfield’s teaching last week on the Buddha’s teachings about conflict and reconciliation, to heal the misunderstandings and mins-construances that deeply divide people in the same family, in the same community, in the same nation.

1.  Face-to-face speaking

Speaking of truth in the presence of the community.  Every human being has inherent dignity and value.  “It’s hard to hate up close.”

2.  Deep listening

Speaking with clarity, hearing the other side.

3.  Non-stubbornness

Let go of views and opinions

4.  Voluntary confession

How have I contributed to the conflict?

5.  Decision by consensus

We must move forward together if we are to move at all

6.  Accepting the verdict

Willingness to change

7. Covering mud with straw; the wisdom of the elders

Loving kindness overcomes anger

Compassion overcomes cruelty

Sympathetic joy overcomes hatred

Non-attachment overcomes prejudice

I’ll be teaching practices like Deep Listening Leads to Conscious, Compassionate Connection in my new online course Transforming Any Adversity into Learning and Growth, 6 live 90-minute webinars on cultivating the resilience mindset we need to meet the current challenges and uncertainties of 2021, beginning February 4, 2021.

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