A Wise Blessing for the New Year

A Wise Blessing for the New Year

This year’s new year’s blessing comes from Larry Robinson, a wonderful poet and stalwart supporter of other poets. His poem holds the many contractions and heartaches of our world with wisdom and grace. May it enlighten and inspire. 

New Year’s Blessing

A year of loss and chaos draws to a close. 

Stories from a thousand cultures remind us that the cosmos is born – and reborn again and again – from chaos. 

We have passed the darkest night of the year but the light only returns slowly. 

The old order has passed as well but the new is not yet apparent. 

Life does renew itself and new forms emerge as old ones pass away.

It has always been this way.

For all the misery of the past year, we have also seen astounding acts of beauty and courage and generosity.

This liminal space we inhabit is a time to dream, to imagine and to plan.

There are times when seemingly small acts can have out-size impacts.

I believe that we are in one of these times – actually a hopeful time, a time of possibilities.

Cynicism is as perilous a path as naïveté. 

Hope is a choice, not a feeling; we create it through our actions and through our words.

At this turning of the wheel I invite and challenge you to dream grandly of the world you wish to bequeath, to proclaim it proudly and boldly and to join with your brothers and sisters to take the practical steps to make it real.

Remember that every act of kindness bends the arc of our shared life toward love.

Unhurried mornings, greeted with gratitude;

good work for the hand, the heart and the mind;

the smile of a friend, the laughter of children;

kind words from a neighbor, a home dry and warm.

Food on the table, with a place for the stranger;

a glimpse of the mystery behind every breath;

some time of ease in the arms of your lover;

then sleep with a prayer of thanks on your lips;

May all this and more be yours this year

and every year after to the end of your days.

– Larry Robinson