About Linda Graham

About Linda Graham

Linda Graham

My work focuses on helping people strengthen capacities to cope with the challenges and crises of their lives, recover an authentic sense of self, deepen into healthy, resonant relationships, and engage with the world through meaningful and purposeful work.

 I was very, very fortunate, very blessed in the timing of my career, to help pioneer the wave of clinical and popular interest in the neuroscience of resilience. My books, the award-winning Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, (2013) and Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster (2018) provided the scientific evidence validating the tools and practices of growth and transformation drawn from contemporary Western psychology and ancient Eastern contemplative wisdom.  My weekly Healing and Awakening into Aliveness and Wholeness newsletter (since 2008) provided practical exercises people could use immediately, step-by-step, to rewire old patterns of coping that no longer worked so well, and learn new coping strategies in ways that were safe, efficient, and effective.

Then I had the privilege, for more than a decade, to bring practices from those integrated paradigms to clinical trainings and personal growth workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Thousands of professionals and ordinary folks could experience for themselves the immediate usefulness of conscious, compassionate connection to strengthen their somatic, emotional, relational, and reflective intelligences to cultivate the resilience mindset that leads to flourishing and well-being.

And for 30 years, I had the deep privilege of guiding individual clients and couples in their therapeutic journeys of shifting perspectives and cultivating the inner and outer resources that would lead to new options, new choices, new learning and growth.

I became a licensed marriage and family therapist in 1995, specializing in helping people reverse the impact of stress and trauma, manage anxiety, depression, loneliness and shame, shift out of reactivity, contraction and smallifying to more openness, trust, and conscious, compassionate connection, cultivate the mindful awareness that shifts perspectives, discerns options, and makes wise choices, turn regrettable moments into teachable moments, recover a sense of resilience, centeredness and wholeness, and move into thriving and flourishing.

Linda Graham Pychotherapy

As a seasoned psychotherapist, consultant, trainer and coach for more than two decades, my interactive models of therapeutic transformation and resilience coaching are accelerated and effective.

My first book, Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being (New World Library, 2013) integrated the paradigms and practices of modern neuroscience, Western relational psychology and Eastern contemplative practices to help readers shift out of old patterns of response to life events – neural “swamp” or neural “cement” – to more flexible, adaptive coping strategies that lead to more authentic resilience and well-being.

Bouncing Back Book by Linda Graham

Bouncing Back leads readers through more than 80 experiential exercises to strengthen the brain’s capacities of response flexibility to get through hard times and even learn and grow because of them. Additional exercises are currently posted in my weekly Resources for Recovering Resilience.

Bouncing Back won the 2013 national Books for a Better Life award and the 2014 national Better Books for a Better World award.

Since the publication of Bouncing Back, I have trained thousands of clinicians and regular folks in clinical trainings, personal growth workshops, through online courses and in meditation centers through the United States and in Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Linda Graham Seminar

Participants Learn to:

  • Use somatic tools to restore the body-brain to its natural baseline physiological equilibrium
  • Cultivate the self-compasion and self-acceptance that antidote the negativity bias of the brain and rewire the inner critic of the psyche
  • Strengthen connections with people, social and intimate, who can serve as both refuges and resources
  • Practice the mindful awareness that shifts perspective, identifies possibilities, and cultivate a resilient mindset
  • Make the lifestyle choices that foster brain health and prevent cognitive decline and burnout

My second book, Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster (New World Library, 2018) leads readers through more than 130 experiential exercises organized by level of disruption to resilience, from barely a wobble to the serious sorrows and struggles that break our hearts and sometimes break our spirits, to the overwhelm of “too much.”  Readers learn to become more resilient, and learn that they can.

Additional exercises are currently posted in my weekly Resources for Recovering Resilience. I continue to write for national publications such as the Psychotherapy Networker, Mindful, Therapy Today, Wise Brain Bulletin and the Greater Good Science Center newsletters.”


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