All We Hear Is Them-Us. Can’t We Find a Way to Put It Back Together?

All We Hear Is Them-Us. Can’t We Find a Way to Put It Back Together?

My friend Gordy’s son was the drummer in this video documentary of All We Hear Is Them-Us by the cutting edge Chicago based hip hop-soul-jazz band Sidewalk Chalk.

It’s a powerful message from extraordinarily talented and visionary young musicians – proclaiming the way out of the hatred and hostility so unmasked in our society at the moment. “Can’t we find a way to put it back together? We must do better at loving each other.” It’s moving and inspiring.

Watch the 6-minute video documentary here.

The back-story: When my brother Barry died two years ago, I called Gordy, his best friend of 40 years. Gordy and I had never met, never being at my brother’s house at the same time, but we knew of each other and of our importance in my brother’s life. After the memorial service, as I was about to return from Michigan to California, Gordy said, “Well, why don’t you become the sister I never had, and I’ll become the brother you just lost?”

Such a gift. And we have. Talking regularly on the phone; the long phone call last week about how to respond as white people to the racial divisions tearing our country apart at the moment. And Gordy sent me his son’s song.

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