Awakening Joy – Absolutely Terrific Tools for Resilience

Awakening Joy – Absolutely Terrific Tools for Resilience

Some of the most important guidance and encouragement I ever received to support my own recovering resilience and well-being came from participating for years in James Baraz’s Awakening Joy course.  Learning tools of compassion, forgiveness, finding joy even in the midst of sorrow, in a seriously supportive community of seekers and practitioners, helped immensely in embedding practices for healing and awakening into joy, delight, serenity, inner peace in my brain and in my behaviors.

For many of those years I facilitated Deepening Joy groups, following the curriculum of the course and catalyzing transformations that were profound and enduring.

The 2020 Awakening Joy course (now in its 16th year!) begins at the end of January 2020. James is now also offering a wonderful teacher training course leading to certification as an Awakening Joy teacher. Click here for details and testimonials.

At this time in our world we need as much consciousness and goodness as we can create.

– James Baraz


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