Coping Mindfully and Wisely with Any Adversity, Loss, Stress, or Trauma

Insight LA, Santa Monica, CA Online Webinar

Whether coping with ordinary disappointments or extraordinary disasters, with major losses or transitions into an uncertain future, this daylong guides you through the experiential practices most effective in cultivating the resilience mindset that helps transform any adversity into learning and growth.

Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Centre for Treatment for Sexual Trauma and Childhood Abuse Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Online Webinar

People learn and grow from meeting the challenges and adversities of the human condition when they have enough support, resources, and skills to do so. Clinicians will learn specific interventions that will help rewire clients’ neural circuitries so that they are better equipped to take growth-enhancing risks that not only enable them to survive hard […]

Cultivate a Resilience Mindset

New Jersey Prevention Network, 2021 Resilience-Renew-Restore conference Tinton Falls, NJ Online Keynote

Resilience is always needed. Whether coping with small annoyances or full-blown disasters, our capacity to “bounce back” – and learn from – any crisis or distress is essential to our ease of mind and well-being. Join resilience expert Linda Graham in exploring the five intelligences that allow you to develop the resilience mindset that transforms […]

Building Resilience in Challenging Times: Helping Clients Cope with Adversity, Loss, Stress, and Trauma

SDS Seminars East Sussex, England Online Webinar

This three-part webinar series will provide practitioners with the very practical tools they need to help clients (and themselves!) strengthen the capacities to cope with any level of adversity – from a series of small annoyances to the troubles and tragedies that break their hearts and sometimes break their spirits, to the utter catastrophes that […]

The Resilience Mindset: Transforming Any Adversity into Learning and Growth

NScience, London, UK, Online Webinar

Clinicians will learn practical tools to help clients re-frame the stress and tragedies of their lives as AFGO’s – another frickin’ growth opportunity. Learning to view a challenge or a crisis as a cue to apply their skills and strategies to “bouncing forward.,” and to deepen their trust that they can.

Cultivating Resilience with Compassion, Clarity, and Courage

CIIS San Francisco, CA Online Webinar

Dealing effectively with the challenges and crises of life is at the core of our resilience and well-being. Whether coping with small annoyances or full-blown disasters, you can learn to navigate any storm through a step-by-step process that strengthens the response flexibility—innate in your brain and your being—that you need to find calm, clarity, and […]

Retiring the Inner Critic: How to heal negative self-talk and recover our well-being

Arbor Seminare, Freiburg, Germany Freiburg, Germany Online Webinar

We all need to deal with varying levels of adversity and disruption in our lives which can negatively affect our well-being. Self-blame and negative self-talk by our inner critic and relentless self-judgment in our minds can effectively derail our capacities to cope resiliently with any challenges in our lives. This practical, online webinar series will […]

Resilience and Well-Being for Highly Sensitive People

Online Workshop Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people need skills of resilience especially in times of rapid change and uncertainty. This workshop teaches practices that allow us to cope with any disappointment, difficulty, even disaster, and to learn that we can. In collaboration with Alane Freund, international consultant on high sensitivity

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