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Is Slowing Down Essential to Resilience?

On my way to an early morning doctor’s appointment, my car got a flat tire. Drove to the neighborhood tire shop instead. They could replace the tire in an hour, in time for me to begin seeing clients for the rest of the day.  I walked home, walking down a street I had driven almost […]

Resilience in the Face of the Really Big Disasters

I teach that resilience is foundational – that we can strengthen our capacities to meet ANY level of distress or disaster, recover our baseline, and move forward with courageous and compassionate action. That may seem unrealistically optimistic in the face of the death of a loved one or a diagnosis of kidney failure, yet it […]

Labor Day – Honoring Good Hard Meaningful Work

The American holiday of Labor Day was created 125 years ago to commemorate the struggles of working class people to gain fair wages, stable employment, the right to organize in unions, and to be treated with dignity and respect for their hard work that contributed to the nation’s prosperity. Nowadays Labor Day is often celebrated […]

Transforming Adversity into Learning and Growth

I’ll be offering the Wished For Outcome exercise below, that rewires previously traumatizing memories in the brain, during the online webinar Catalyzing Brain Change: Transforming Adversity into Learning and Growth, sponsored by NScience in London, UK, September 19, 2019.  (The webinar will be available for viewing for 30 days after the live broadcast.) What’s important […]

Putting Some Muscles into Mindful Self-Compassion

This post is a direct pass-through of a message from my mentor, teacher, and the co-developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion protocol, Kristin Neff. Kristin pioneered the research demonstrating the power of self-compassion to help people cope more resiliently by facing the hard, yucky things in life, and our reactions to those stressful experiences, with more […]

“Giving” Leads to Resilience More Than “Taking”

It might seem counter-intuitive, in our modern business-driven society, that people who are “givers” are more likely to succeed, certainly to experience more well-being, than “takers.” But that’s precisely the point organizational psychologist Adam Grant makes again and again in Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. Based on decades of collaborative research […]

Choices Shape Our Resilience – and Thus Our Lives

Life is the sum of all your choices. – Albert Camus That our lives are shaped by the choices we make, even by the choices we avoid or forfeit, goes without saying. (Though Camus says it very well.) When life’s challenges seem overwhelming and our choices seem narrowed to the point of no choice, we […]

Conscious Choices v. Convenience

As we all come to rely on searching the internet for any information we want about anything – news, cultural and sports events, business tips, health remedies – we may notice the paradox of 15 search results in .01 seconds, yet those results becoming narrowed by the algorithms that drive them. Based on our preferences […]

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