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Shit Happens. Shift Happens, Too – Resilience in the Face of Disruption

In coping with the swiftness of the changes sweeping through and disrupting our lives, often our livelihoods right now, I’m diving a little deeper into how to cope, because truly for many folks the disappointments and difficulties are beginning to tip into potential disaster. I’m returning to the 5 C’s of Coping (now 6) that […]

Staying Sane when “Sheltering in Place” and Self-Sequestering

The San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, entered a “shelter-in-place” protocol last week in efforts by public health officials to halt the spread of the coronavirus.  Schools and all places of social gathering – restaurants, bars, gyms, sporting events, theaters and cultural events – now closed for weeks to come. And citizens instructed to […]

Radically Shifting from Anxiety to Strength and Calm

As this resource posts this morning, I would have been teaching Caring for the Brain – the Neuroscience of Well-Being at the 2020 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, D.C. 3,900 mental health professionals gathered to learn how to help clients reduce stress and recover from trauma, among other things. Conference cancelled in the midst of […]

Coping with Disappointment to Avoid Disaster

As more and more activities of daily life – going to work, going to school, going to a concert or sports event, traveling by plane or boat or train – become more and more restricted in the cause of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, I’ve framed this for myself as coping with disappointment to […]

From Panic to Prudence

My post yesterday, Don’t Panic…Keep Things in Perspective, was scheduled last week before most schools and colleges in the United States closed their doors for a spring break and shifted to an online learning format that will now extend through the rest of the term. Things are changing rapidly as the pandemic coronavirus itself and […]

Don’t Panic – Keep Things in Perspective

Just one month ago I posted The Essential Elements of a Very Good Day. And those elements are still true: 1. Doing one thing at a time 2. Doing activities that have meaning and depth 3. Enjoying resonant connections with good friends Then the COVID-19 coronavirus began spreading, and news of the severity of the […]

Why Some People Survive a Disaster – and Others Don’t

My acupuncturist put the fear of god into me about the coronavirus (now called COVID-19). I had experienced my own dismay of foreign nationals being barred from to returning to America if they were suspected of carrying the virus (see post of February 6, 2020) but my acupuncturist told me that the California Association of […]

Think Globally – Act Locally

My friend Eve recently asked me “how to forge a humanistic path while forces of hate and fear and abuse swirl in the world.” Excellent question, one we face every day these days. And the complexity of the answer(s) reminds me of a line from Woody Allen, I believe in his film Annie Hall, “How […]

Beyond the Betrayal

Betrayal – the breaking of trust – can rock our sense of who we are and our convictions of what’s true in our world more than anything else in human experience. Confronting and repairing that betrayal, joining with others to redress that betrayal, are hallmarks of skillful resistance, reconciliation, and resilience. This post is just […]

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