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When Emotions from the Past Trip Us Up Now…

When Emotions from the Past Trip Us Up Now…

Managing difficult, overwhelming emotions, not being hijacked or flooded by them, is essential to our emotional intelligence and thus to our resilience.  We want to be able to allow and learn from even huge waves of feelings so they guide rather than derail our responses to challenging life events and difficult people. Recent posts, Becoming […]

Managing Emotions….Not Flooding

April is Deepening Our Emotional Intelligence month in these posts.  The April newsletter  highlighted research discoveries relevant to managing even the most upsetting of emotions – anger, fear, shame, grief – so that your emotions can guide your responses to challenging life events or difficult people.  You don’t have to be flooded or shut down […]

Becoming Fluent with Your Emotions

Just like we strengthen our resilience when we become adept at returning from a startle/survival response to our natural baseline physiological equilibrium of calm and clear seeing, we strengthen our resilience when we become adept at returning from an angry outburst or a shame attack to our natural baseline emotional ease and well-being. It’s very […]

Using Visual Memories to Create an Inner Safe Base of Resilience

Fully 25% of your brain’s real estate is devoted to visual processing in the occipital lobe.  Human beings who can see navigate their world primarily by sight, more than touch, hearing or smell.  You can use this tremendous power of processing experiences visually to install resources of equilibrium in your neural circuitry, an inner safe […]

How Movement Can Help Us Recover Our Range of Resilience

There’s no question that movement – vigorous exercise, gentle yoga, the chores of daily living – is good for the optimal functioning of the brain. Our brains are organized through movement. As we introduce new patterns of movement, combined with attention, our brains being making thousands, millions, and even billions of new connections.  These changes […]

Why Warm, Safe Touch Restores Our Resilience

One of the most exciting discoveries of modern neurobiology has been the role of oxytocin – the hormone released through warmth, touch, and movement – in generating feelings of deep connection and well-being.  Oxytocin is the brain’s naturally occurring neurotransmitter of “calm and connect.” Oxytocin is what spurs us to “tend and befriend” rather than […]

Road Maps to Resilience

We recover our resilience when we have good role models, mentors, guides to teach us how and to en-courage us along the way. Five of mine, good friends and colleagues, Roger Housden, Mark Coleman, Laura Markham, Rick Hanson and Terry Patten, have just published their own excellent road maps full of practical wisdom and genuine […]

The new Resilience Toolkit…and B-r-e-a—t-h-i-n-g into Calm

The Resilience Toolkit

The new The Resilience Toolkit: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster is on its way. More than 100 evidenced based practices to strengthen your innnate capacities to cope with anything, anything at all. Forthcoming September 15, 2018 from New World Library.  You can learn more about the new book here.  […]

How the Brain “Unlearns” Patterns that De-Rail Resilience

As we’re learning how the brain learns, we also want to learn how to use the brain’s neuroplasticity to un-learn patterns of response that derail our resilience or no longer serve us so well. This post offers tools to unlearn some of the most common thought patterns that block clear thinking and genuine response flexibility […]

Find the Gift in the Mistake

1 of 13 Find the Gift in the Mistake

Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also. – Carl G. Jung Not every AFGO – another frickin’ growth opportunity – has a gift hidden within it, but most of them do.  We can learn lessons from coping with a potential trauma that we might not have learned otherwise. I’ve written of learning […]

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