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Taking Care of Things that Happen Inside of You…and Around You

“To meditate means to go home to yourself. Then you know how to take care of the things that are happening inside you, and you know how to take care of the things that happen around you.” — Thich Nhat Hanh The mindfulness we practice on our cushion in the morning is the same mindfulness we […]

When Life Takes a Sharp Left Turn

I know this has happened to you as it has happened to me. You’re going along, having a good enough day, and suddenly life goes wonky in a most unexpected way. Your morning commute is going well; just a few blocks from your office or dropping the kids off at school, then suddenly unbelievable out-of-nowhere […]

Taking Charge – Life Off Screens

I saw the film Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience last week – “screenagers” being the term acknowledging how much time modern teens spend on screens, more time than anything else except sleep, sometimes even more than sleep. The film documents the measurable and rapid rise of stress, anxiety, and depression among American […]

The Body: A Guide for Occupants

I have recommended The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson to so many friends and clients, I realize I really should-could recommend it to you, too. Bill Bryson is an awesomely gifted writer; The Body is a head-to-toe tour of the marvel of the human body and three billion years of evolutionary tweaks, […]

Learning Goes On Forever

A good friend sent me this quote last week from T.H. White’s The Once and Future King: The best thing… is to learn something. That’s the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may […]

A Dog’s Love and Companionship Heals

I see a lot of “art house” films – mostly independent, many documentaries, many foreign.  “Triumph over adversity on behalf of a noble cause” is my favorite genre. Two days ago I saw To Be of Service, a poignant documentary about U.S. military veterans assigned a service dog after treatment with medications and/or therapy failed […]

“The War to End All Wars”…Didn’t

Today, November 11, is the 101st anniversary of the official end of World War I, “the war to end all  wars.”  Wars haven’t ended. The deaths, injuries, and PTSD from combat continue; the suffering of the innocent as well as the combatants continues. Teaching quite a bit about Bouncing Back, Moving Forward: Resilience and Post-Traumatic […]

From Barely a Wobble to a Real Wallop

I teach and write about resilience as the underlying capacities that allow us to meet any level of disruption to our safety and well-being, from barely a wobble to the serious sorrows and struggles that break our hearts, to the trauma of “too much.” The ongoing wildfires in northern and southern California illustrate the need […]

Yearning to Breathe Free

My friend Mary Ann became a naturalized U.S. citizen last week, along with 1350 other immigrants/residents from 100 different countries. (That kind of national/language/ethnic diversity is not so unusual in the San Francisco Bay Area.) Next year at this time, Mary Ann will get to vote in arguably the most significant presidential election in U.S. […]

Saving Lives – Big and Small

The Heroes and Zeroes post of October 21, 2019 drew as many positive responses as any post I’ve ever posted. Readers resonating with the realization that the smallest actions on behalf of common humanity and “looking for the helpers” can be as significant to cultivate resilience as the truly heroic efforts on a larger scale. […]

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