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Find the Gift in the Mistake

1 of 13 Find the Gift in the Mistake

Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also. – Carl G. Jung Not every AFGO – another frickin’ growth opportunity – has a gift hidden within it, but most of them do.  We can learn lessons from coping with a potential trauma that we might not have learned otherwise. I’ve written of learning […]

Learning How the Brain Can Work with Mistakes and Failures

Learning and Growing from Mistakes and Failures

When learning how the brain learns, so we can learn how to become more resilient (see RRR post Learning to Work with the Brain to Become More Resilient) it’s not that we need to go looking for trouble to practice becoming resilient. Life happens.  We cycle through opportunities to practice becoming more resilient on a […]

Learning to Work with the Brain to Become More Resilient

Whatever hopes and plans we have for 2018, we turn our intentions toward learning the skills we need to manifest them and strengthening the resilience we need to cope when we don’t. And all of that learning and cultivating necessitates becoming very proficient at using the neuroplasticity innate in the brain to create new patterns […]

Claiming Your Growing Resilience

Claiming Your Growing Resilience

As you’ve been setting wise intentions and making responsible choices moving into 2018, it’s still important to discern whether those intentions and choices are coming to fruition, having the desired effect in your efforts to become more resilient. This discernment is important because so much of becoming more resilient involves learning and claiming that we […]

Practice Making Choices – Do One Scary Thing a Day

Practice Making Choices – Do One Scary Thing a Day

As you move further into the new year, clarifying priorities, setting goals, making choices, you may run into the brain’s natural roadblock of “Wait a minute!  I’ve never done this before.  I’m not sure….”  This hesitancy is one way your higher brain makes sure you’re thinking things through clearly and making a wise choice. Whenever […]

Manifesting New Year Intentions

Manifesting New Year Intentions

Even as we clarify intentions and priorities for a coming year, we need to be able to take wise action to manifest those intentions.  And sometimes we have to choose which priorities we will focus on first. The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool to help you do just that.  I learned it 10 […]

A Fun Way to “Map” New Year Intentions

A Fun Way to

Last week’s post A Wise Way to Set New Year Intentions suggested you can cultivate the inner traits you aspire to live by, especially traits that will help you become more resilient in the coming year, by acknowledging the inner strengths you already have – cheerfulness, kindness, perseverance, spontaneity, etc.  Intentionally claiming these strengths or traits […]

A Wise Way to Set New Year Intentions

A Wise Way to Set New Year Intentions

My manuscript for The Resilience Toolkit: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster is now in the hands of the publisher. (forthcoming September 2018) I can engage with the challenges, opportunities, and blessings of the new year with, I hope, deeper wisdom and clarity from the lessons and processes of that […]

Great Resources for 2018

Great Resources for 2018

The New York Times publishes many spectacularly practical, useful guides online. Here’s the link. typical topics: How to Be Better at Stress How to Have a Better Relationship How to Age Well How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep Every year, the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley posts its recommendations of […]

Candles for Solstice – the Turning of the Dark toward the Light

Candles for Solstice - the Turning of the Dark toward the Light

Winter Solstice (December 21) marks the seasonal turning of the dark toward the light in the northern hemisphere.  On the darkest night of the year, we light candles to affirm our faith and hope in the light of the divine and in the light of the human spirit. Candles of light in the darkness, Candles […]

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