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Two Opposites of Fear – Brave and Safe

I remember the light bulb moment: fear has two opposites – to be brave and to be safe.  Both are true. Somewhat like the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. – Reinhold […]

Earth Day 2019 – Re-sourcing in Nature

Earth Day 2019 is an international celebration of the magnificent planet we call home, and an invitation to take the actions necessary to help the planet itself be resilient in recovering from the effects of climate change, de-forestation, pollution, etc. Earth Day is also a reminder that we can spend time in nature to recover […]

Creating the Circle of Support You Need – Anytime You Need It

I really experienced the value of the exercise below, Creating a Circle of Support, at a time when I needed it the most. Ten years ago I chose to have Lasik eye surgery to correct lifelong near-sightedness and astigmatism. The operation was risky, so I went into the operation with understandable anxiety. I had asked […]

Expect the Unexpected…

I will be teaching the exercise below, Expect the Unexpected, in several venues this spring, all of them among the most conducive in the world for nurturing well-being as well as strengthening resilience.  You can learn new skills while recovering a great deal of ease and peace of mind: May 19-24 Kripalu Center for Yoga […]

Regrets: Cues for Compassion, Learning, Resilience

A twinge of regret yesterday – I missed meeting with a friend because I had the wrong day on my calendar. That mishap quickly repaired and the meeting re-scheduled. But the twinge lingered.  And led to memories of other regrets. The time I carefully selected a super-cool gift for a friend’s birthday, then completely forgot […]

Recovering from One of Those Panicky Moments

One of those panicky moments…in the elevator returning to my hotel room at last week’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, reaching for my room key card — that is not there.  My entire purse is missing!  That quick revving up in my brain – did I leave it in the restaurant?  On the couch in the lobby […]

Pruning Not-So-Healthy Relationships

I emphasize the necessity of cultivating nourishing, healthy relationships to support our resilience – a lot. [see Make Sure Good Friends Are Near] All true, very important. Sometimes, just as important, is the practice of pruning unhealthy relationships from our social circles. (Sometimes, though harder, creating a healthy boundary with unhealthy relationships in our families.) […]

Learning How to Learn Something New

A colossal number of brain cells, hundreds to thousands, are born each day, but most die within weeks unless the brain is forced to learn something new. Learning rescues these new cells from death. Then more neurons survive and sprout connections to their brethren. The harder the task, the more the survivors. – Tracy Shors, […]

Make Sure Good Friends Are Near

Back in my folk dance days, I loved dancing with friends to this song: We live out our lives, they say all alone, From the day we arrive till it’s time to go home. And it’s only just lately I’ve come to accept The grace I’ve been given in the company I’ve kept. As my […]

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