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The Right Things to Do…Right Now

With the recent outcry and protests over the unconscionable death of George Floyd at the hands (under the knee) of Minneapolis police officers, and with the re-surging recognition (once again!) of the intolerable impact of racial discrimination and social injustice on our minority and marginalized citizens (the death rate from COVID-19 up to six times […]

Another good preview of Resilience 2.0™

Another mini-interview with Psychotherapy Networker – such timing.  Exploring how positive emotions are not a bypass for dealing with difficulties. In fact, they shift the functioning of the brain to more receptivity, openness to learning, and optimize.  resilience is the direct measurable cause and effect outcome. I will be teaching many exercises to cultivate gratitude, […]

He who saves one life…saves the world entire

The final scene in the film Schindler’s List focuses on the phrase “he who saves one life…saves the world entire.”  Oskar Schindler saved 1,200 Jewish lives during the Holocaust. The wisdom of the phrase, paraphrased from the Talmud, speaks to the energy and strength required to save even one life in the face of unparalleled […]

Free Guided Practice in Moving from Distress to Calm, from Resilience 2.0™

In the new online Resilience 2.0™ course you’ll be practicing exercises like these to move from reactivity and distress to a sense of calm, ease, and safety in connection, with clear explanations of the brain science behind why these tools work so reliably. The 8-week course will lead you through dozens of the experiential exercises […]

Learning from the AFGO’s – Another Frickin’ Growth Opportunity

We can wryly re-frame the mistakes and goof-ups of our lives as AFGO’s – another frickin’ growth opportunity.  We forget to wipe the moisture off the rear window of the car in the morning and inadvertently run over our son’s tricycle left in the driveway. Well, we vow to remember to never do that again. […]

Information Overload – Dealing with the Deluge Wisely

Your inbox may be bulging these days, as is mine, with a proliferation of new offerings on the web and through social media as our world shifts more and more online to cope with sheltering in place. Many, many of these offerings are truly helpful.  I’ve tried to glean some of the best, my own […]

A Poem for Easing into the Ease of This Moment

Last week I shared a link to the Cloud Appreciation Society; as a subscriber I receive a daily cloud in my email inbox, a gentle way to ease into the day. This week I’m sharing the link to subscribe to the daily Poetry Lovers feed of Larry Robinson, and a poem from last week that […]

Needed now more than ever…Resilience 2.0

Resilience – capacities and inner resources to cope quickly and effective with any crisis or distress – is always needed.In these times of rapid change and upheaval, resilience is needed now more than ever.  And we now know, from modern neuroscience, skills of resilience are truly learnable, trainable, and sustainable.I invite you to join me in my […]

Preview of Resilience 2.0

This mini-video interview with me about How Can I Help Clients Work with Overwhelming Emotions? was synchronistically recorded by the Psychotherapy Networker two weeks ago. In it I describe my ABC method for working with emotions, in clients or in ourselves. The video, courtesy of Psychotherapy Networker, is an excellent preview of the tools and […]

The Hard Issues the Pandemic is Back-Burner-ing

Pandemic means “all people,” and the coronavirus pandemic is a true pandemic; no one is immune; contagion is invisible and rapid. This pandemic has also back-burnered every other social-political-health issue for the time being, perhaps rightfully so, but sadly so.  Even though it’s a joy that people can see the Himalayas for the first time […]

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