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Recovering Resilience by Resetting the Nervous System

As we learned in this interview with Deb Dana, a deliberate sigh can help re-set the nervous system.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience in using a sigh to return the nervous system to a state that is calm, present, positive, and resilient. Exercise: A Deliberate Sigh Resets Your Nervous System You breathe all the time. […]

Emotional Mindfulness Strengthens Resilience

 As we learned in this conversation with Ron Frederick, engaging with and listening to our emotions can guide our choices of how resiliently we respond to life events, to other people, to ourselves.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience that helps us better attune to and convey the most basic of emotions: anger, fear, joy, […]

Resilience When Life Becomes a Bumpy Road

In this conversation with Sylvia Boorstein, we learned to apply the practice of “may I meet this moment fully; may I meet it as a friend” to moments both mundane and profound, when we’re in pain, or disappointed, or feeling like we’re making a mess of things.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience to apply that […]

When Childhood Memories Throw You for a Loop

Dave Richo

 As we learned in this interview with David Richo, we can learn to befriend inner parts of the self that have experienced grief or hurt and re-integrate them into the larger, wiser, whole adult self. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to do that be-friending. Befriending the Many Parts of Yourself This exercise helps you […]

Resilience Is a Verb

 As we learned in this interview with Dr. Elisha Goldstein, resilience is not a noun, something to achieve, but a verb, something to live.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience that can help us live into positive changes in our lives very quickly. Change Every Should to Could We all have unconscious patterns in our […]

Resilience – Especially When Things Get Messy

 As we learned in this interview with Natalie Bell, re-centering ourselves, finding safety and comfort in nature, can be a powerful resource when things fall apart.  Here’s a practice in soothing our senses in nature from Resilience. Forest Bathing I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put […]

Shift Your State and Re-connect – with Your Child, with Anyone

Laura Markham

As we learned in this interview with Laura Markham, parents need to be able to shift their own inner states of reactivity in order to re-connect and empathize with their child’s (or anyone’s) emotional reactivity.  Here’s a practice to help you shift your state from Resilience. Letting Go of Reactive Thought Patterns and Emotional Reactivity […]

Loving Awareness in the Present Moment Is Foundational to Our Resilience

 As we learned in this interview with Tara Brach, when we bring loving kindness to all aspects of ourselves, we wake up and come back to our inner resources, our larger consciousness, our larger beingness.  Here is an exercise from Resilience for expressing loving kindness even for our unlovable parts. Expressing Loving Kindness Even […]

Why Some People Bounce Back Quickly, Even Heroically

Ron Siegel

 As we learned in this interview with Ron Siegel, steadying our awareness can help us bounce back by moving out of anger and blame and not taking things so personally.  Here’s a practice for steadying awareness from the book Resilience. Steadying Awareness 1. Focus on the breath, flowing in, flowing out. Focus on sounds, […]

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