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From Barely a Wobble to a Real Wallop

I teach and write about resilience as the underlying capacities that allow us to meet any level of disruption to our safety and well-being, from barely a wobble to the serious sorrows and struggles that break our hearts, to the trauma of “too much.” The ongoing wildfires in northern and southern California illustrate the need […]

Yearning to Breathe Free

My friend Mary Ann became a naturalized U.S. citizen last week, along with 1350 other immigrants/residents from 100 different countries. (That kind of national/language/ethnic diversity is not so unusual in the San Francisco Bay Area.) Next year at this time, Mary Ann will get to vote in arguably the most significant presidential election in U.S. […]

Saving Lives – Big and Small

The Heroes and Zeroes post of October 21, 2019 drew as many positive responses as any post I’ve ever posted. Readers resonating with the realization that the smallest actions on behalf of common humanity and “looking for the helpers” can be as significant to cultivate resilience as the truly heroic efforts on a larger scale. […]

Things Happen Not Just TO Us, But Also FOR Us

A client came to see me because she felt adrift in her career. No direction, no spark. Then her 10 year-old daughter suddenly became very ill, and my client had to mobilize to take care of her – endless doctor’s appointments, lab tests, second-third opinions, etc. After many months, the daughter is now fine, stable, […]

Be Aware of the Fuckery

“I’m aware of the fuckery in my family.”  A client began her session with that phrase last week.  I was delighted with the term. We had spent months helping her differentiate her sense of self from the harsh criticisms and manipulations of her family of origin. She was making great progress pulling out of the […]

The Neurobiology of Compassion (and How to Use It)

Compassion-oriented therapies CAN help heal trauma, shame, depression, anxiety, and more, when therapists now the neuroscience that explains why practices of compassion can be so efficient and effective. You can learn how in the first free broadcast of NICABM’s Clinical Application of Compassion series. You’ll hear from the top clinical and research experts in the […]

Heroes and Zeroes

The Pacific Sun, a local newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area, ran a weekly Heroes and Zeroes column for years, highlighting the selfless/helpful/nurturing behaviors of some local citizens and the selfish/hurtful/damaging behaviors of others.  Actions like (hero) a video produced by a local police department to alert citizens how to deal with school bullying, […]

Keep It Moving!

Knowing full well the importance of keeping my body moving, stretching, flexing during my recent marathon of sitting-watching 26 films in an 11-day film festival [see Shifting Perspectives], I intentionally developed a routine of yoga movements I could quietly do standing in line or sitting in the theater.  And one 20-minute intermission at a concert […]

Shifting Perspectives – Often a Key Requirement of Resilience

“Triumph over adversity on behalf of a noble cause” has long been my favorite film genre, and I’ve just come through my annual immersion in the Mill Valley Film Festival, 200 films in 11 days for them, 26 films for me, learning so much from the intense, inspiring, illuminating examples of how other people cope […]

Awe, Gratitude, Equanimity = Skillful AGEing

We don’t have to be old or aging to experience the expansive shifts in perspective that come from moments of awe – a glorious sunset, the sparkling shimmer of sunlight on a lake, a tiny wildflower hiding in the grasses.  We certainly don’t have to be old or aging to experience the openness and lightness […]

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