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Loving Awareness in the Present Moment Is Foundational to Our Resilience

 As we learned in this interview with Tara Brach, when we bring loving kindness to all aspects of ourselves, we wake up and come back to our inner resources, our larger consciousness, our larger beingness.  Here is an exercise from Resilience for expressing loving kindness even for our unlovable parts. Expressing Loving Kindness Even […]

Why Some People Bounce Back Quickly, Even Heroically

Ron Siegel

 As we learned in this interview with Ron Siegel, steadying our awareness can help us bounce back by moving out of anger and blame and not taking things so personally.  Here’s a practice for steadying awareness from the book Resilience. Steadying Awareness 1. Focus on the breath, flowing in, flowing out. Focus on sounds, […]

The Yin-Yang of Mindful Self-Compassion

Chris Germer

As we learned in this interview with Chris Germer, mindful self-compassion gives us permission to ask “What do I need?” Here’s a practice for offering comfort and care from Resilience. Recovering from a Shame Attack 1. The instant you recognize the disturbance in the force field that is the signal of distress or upset, place […]

Remembering What Really Matters Strengthens Our Resilience

Jonah Paquette

As we learned in this interview with Jonah Paquette, moments of awe can act as a muse to our resilience.  Here’s a practice for cultivating awe from the book Resilience. Awe is the larger-than-life feeling we experience in the presence of something vast and extraordinary — the glory of a panoramic sunset, a star-studded night […]

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Whenever I hear myself saying “I can’t do this!” I’ve made it a practice to immediately say, “but I am doing this.  I may not be doing it well.  I may not be finished doing it, but “I am doing it” shifts my entire mindset.  “I am doing it” shifts my attitude, my behaviors, and […]

Crazy Making Thoughts and Rewiring the Patterns That Create Them

I’ve come to realize I’m a great catastrophizer.  I can go from a sneeze means “uh, oh, I’m catching a cold” to I’m going to get sick and have to cancel clients to I’m going to lose clients to I’m going to lose my business…all in less than three seconds flat. Catastrophizing may have a […]

Changing Thoughts from Negative to Positive

Most of us have a Top Ten list of nagging, nay-saying thoughts that can just drive us crazy – and sabotage our confidence, block our resilience. “Better not! They’ll only make fun of you for doing that!” “See?  I knew I couldn’t.  I shouldn’t have even tried.” “Life sucks.  And it’s not going to get […]

Change Every Should to a Could

Intentions - Choices - Response-ability

When we couch an intention or a choice for a new behavior in terms of “should” – I “should” do my taxes this weekend, I “should” check to see how Harry’s doing after his knee surgery – the “should” creates an unconscious expectation or command for performance and sets us up for criticism if we […]

Noticing Shifts in Patterns of Response

I like to be liked.  I appreciate being noticed in pleasant, positive ways, as most of us do.  I can notice a quick cascade of very unpleasant feelings and thoughts if I feel dissed or feel unsure if I’ve been dissed. Our deepening mindful awareness allows us to notice those inner unsettling reactions with less […]

What Story Am I Believing Now?

I’ve watched my own opinions shift over time – someone I initially judged to be disastrously self-focused I quickly learned was a single mom raising an autistic son and she had to over-focus on herself and him to stay upright.  (Then I had to work with my own judgment of myself for being – always! […]

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