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Being Confused at a Higher Level

The sign posted over the entrance to the electrical engineering lab at SRI International, a consulting firm for large government and corporate projects: We have not solved your problem. In fact, we have more questions than when we started. But we believe we are confused at a higher level and about more important things. My […]

Anticipatory Resilience

My friend Natalie Bell came up with the phrase “anticipatory resilience” the other day.  I like it.  I think it’s an important practice, to rehearse being resilient in situations coming up that may be daunting, even potentially de-railing.  Asking a supervisor for a raise; preparing for an audit by the IRS; telling your brother and […]

Becoming Aware of Inherited Family Trauma

We all recognize that we can “inherit” patterns of trauma responses – anxiety, depression, anger – by growing up in families where the unresolved anxiety, depression, anger of parents, grandparents, or other close relatives was passed on to us because it was the environment we were swimming in, “normal” and we would have had to […]

Forgiveness – Even in the Most Challenging Circumstances

One of the joys of teaching for Leading Edge Seminars in Canada, as I did three weeks ago, is that Toronto is such a multi-cultural city, people of diverse cultures from all over the world living in relative harmony and ease. True for the clinicians in the seminar I taught on Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth, […]

How You Respond to the Issue….Is the Issue

The smoke alarm in my bedroom went off at 6:30 am this morning.  Absolutely nothing was happening in terms of fire or smoke, but when I tried to turn it off or dismantle the battery, a voice message kept saying “Fire! Fire” Carbon monoxide.”Bewildered and annoyed by the constant beeping, I called the fire department. […]

“Have a nice day” – how about even 45 minutes?

It was one of THOSE days. Nothing overly disastrous. Just little glitches and annoyances, one after the other, with glimmers of gladness and goodness before the next wave of yuck. Three-car accident on the freeway, 15 minutes of creep and crawl for us commuters, fortunately no one killed or seriously injured in the accident itself, […]

Bouquets to Art; Deep Bows to Creativity

I recently walked through the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, an annual festival of local florists, garden clubs, landscape architects, etc. each creating a floral sculpture embodying a painting/sculpture in the museum. (As above.) Hundreds of them. And as I walked through, delight, amazement, wonder, and awe bubbling […]

Asleep at the Wheel

One of those sudden computer updates, so common these days, where I have to allow Microsoft to access (send, revise, delete) input from my Google email account and allow access/storage of all of my public communications, or I can’t access my Gmail through Outlook. It was the conversation with my computer guru that was the […]

Comparing Mind

It is better to do one’s own dharma, even though imperfectly, than to do another’s dharma, even though perfectly. Bhagavad Gita I saw this quote on a poster in the stairwell every time I walked from my room to the dining hall when teaching at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health two weeks ago. […]

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