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Recovering from One of Those Panicky Moments

One of those panicky moments…in the elevator returning to my hotel room at last week’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, reaching for my room key card — that is not there.  My entire purse is missing!  That quick revving up in my brain – did I leave it in the restaurant?  On the couch in the lobby […]

Pruning Not-So-Healthy Relationships

I emphasize the necessity of cultivating nourishing, healthy relationships to support our resilience – a lot. [see Make Sure Good Friends Are Near] All true, very important. Sometimes, just as important, is the practice of pruning unhealthy relationships from our social circles. (Sometimes, though harder, creating a healthy boundary with unhealthy relationships in our families.) […]

Learning How to Learn Something New

A colossal number of brain cells, hundreds to thousands, are born each day, but most die within weeks unless the brain is forced to learn something new. Learning rescues these new cells from death. Then more neurons survive and sprout connections to their brethren. The harder the task, the more the survivors. – Tracy Shors, […]

Make Sure Good Friends Are Near

Back in my folk dance days, I loved dancing with friends to this song: We live out our lives, they say all alone, From the day we arrive till it’s time to go home. And it’s only just lately I’ve come to accept The grace I’ve been given in the company I’ve kept. As my […]

Choice v. Control – a Tricky Dance

It’s a tricky dance between the need to be responsible for the choices we make in our lives and the desire to control the outcome of those choices.  If we’re going to put in the effort, we want our effort to be effective. Even trickier is to recover from a disappointment or a failure, re-group, […]

Hiding Under the Covers…Resiliently

Sometimes when our world is crashing in on us or collapsing out from under us, we just want to hide under the covers and wait until it’s over.  I teach many, many tools for recovering our resilience and coping with the catastrophes and challenges of life. And one of those tools IS to unplug and […]

I want this article to go viral

Here’s the link to a must-read article in the February 23, 2019, New York Times: “Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain.” Intelligent, cogent, thorough, practical, and eminently relevant to resilience.  Business reporter Kevin Roose recounts his decision, quite deliberate, to detox from his “addiction” to his phone. Of course, […]

Supporting Another Person’s Resilience – Brilliantly

When my friend Tracy called this morning with “It’s been a tough week,” I put down my breakfast, sat on the couch, and settled in for a deep listen. Her husband Dale came downstairs from a nap about a week ago, saying he didn’t feel well, he had a headache, something was wrong. With no […]

Anxiety v. Excitement – What’s the Diff?

I remember how startled I was to learn, somewhere in graduate school in clinical psychology, that the body can’t tell the difference between anxiety and excitement.  Meaning…the nervous system mobilizes the body to respond – take action – whether we’re dealing with something truly dangerous or simply something new or unknown. How our brain processes […]

Good Stress v. Bad Stress

I’ve certainly experienced my heart pounding, my breath getting short, my thoughts racing – the human stress response – when a small child darted in front of my car chasing a ball last year or the time I dropped my car keys down a storm drain. (Only once!)  You’re probably familiar with similar rushes of […]

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