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Love Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them; there ought to be as many for love. – Margaret Atwood I heartily recommend Barbara Fredrickson’s latest book Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, do, and Become. Frederickson’ previous book Positivity (see July 2012 e-newsletter “Positive Emotions […]

Resources for the Greater Good

The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California – Berkeley is wealth of resources on pro-social emotions. Sample titles from their e-newsletter: What’s Love Got to Do with the Brain?; The Biology of Mindfulness and Compassion; Sleep Before You Bicker; Empathy: the Most Important Back-to-School Supply; Five Ways to Ease Your Envy. One […]

The Secret Lives of the Brain

I’ve just read the most delightful book on brain science and can hardly wait to recommend it to you: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by neuroscientists David Eagleman. (David was one of the keynoters at last weekend’s Being Human conference: 12 outstanding TED-like talks, available on www.beinghuman.org.) Not a book of tools but […]

Service v. Seclusion

In his interview with venerable meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein earlier this week, Rick Hanson asked Joseph what was he working on now in his practice. Approaching 70, Joseph replied aging, and then specified finding the balance between service and seclusion – balancing the teaching and writing he has offered practitioners for 40 years with deepening […]

A Year To Live

As you read this, I will be heading into a reunion of my Year To Live group. 10 of us from Spirit Rock Meditation Center met for a year in 1998, led by Bonnie Jonsson in doing the exercises suggested by Stephen Levine in his book A Year to Live: How to Live This Year […]

Challenge Your Inner Critic and Celebrate Your Personal Strengths

I was leafing through The Self-Esteem Companion: Simple Exercises to Help You Challenge Your Inner Critic and Celebrate Your Personal Strengths from New Harbinger Publications on the way home from teaching on the East Coast last weekend. While the field has shifted somewhat from focusing on self-esteem to focusing on self-acceptance and self-compassion (always available, […]

Coping with Stress through “Flow”

I was reading Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s best-selling and eternally relevant book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience on my way home from assisting in a training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA last weekend. Having already extended my stay in Albany, NY one night because of too many thunderstorms in Chicago, I noticed my response of distress […]

What’s Right with This Wrong?

I was recently on a 6-day silent meditation retreat.  [To be in the quiet stillness of a forest of redwoods thousands of years old, and then climb to the top of a hill where I could see the buildings of San Francisco peeking out through the fog – quite a contrast in these symbols of […]

The Impact of Pure Being on Well-Being

The exercises below are excerpted from Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing by Richard Miller. They are simple entry points to a direct experience of the mystery of Being, of experiencing ourselves as Being. No worries if that seems a little “out there.” The practice actually creates a deep sense of […]

Recovering Resilience Nature-ally

The nourishment and replenishment of Summer is coming to its close; many children in my neighborhood are returning to school next week already. As we savor precious moments of warm weather and being outdoors, I’m reminded of this story of the importance of nature in renewing our joy in life and restoring our souls. Decades, […]

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