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All Things Fall Away

I closed the San Francisco office of my clinical practice three weeks ago, after 20 years of seeing patients in the city, after 10 years in that building, in that same office. I still see patients full-time, now in my Corte Madera office just 15 minutes north of San Francisco. Since there was no room […]

Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being

Featured in Scientific American – written by Toni Rodriguez A client sits before me, seeking help untangling his relationship problems. As a psychotherapist, I strive to be warm, nonjudgmental and encouraging. I am a bit unsettled, then, when in the midst of describing his painful experiences, he says, “I’m sorry for being so negative.” A […]

Movement into Life

I had the rare privilege of learning how to use movement to rewire the brain from Anat Baniel a few evenings ago. Anat, a clinical psychologist and dancer, has developed a Feldenkrais-based method of using movement to help patients, from five days old to ninety years of age, move beyond brain-based limitations to greater brain […]


(I led a workshop on “Bouncing Back: Resilience and Renewal” at the EarthRise Center of the Institute for Noetic Sciences last weekend. For one of the experiential exercises to cultivate courage as part of rewiring the brain for resilience – Do One Scary Thing a Day – participants committed to doing one scary thing within […]

The National Pastime as a Resource for Resilience

I’ve dedicated this post on Resources for Recovering Resilience to experiential exercises: Hand on the Heart; Carry Love and Appreciation in Your Wallet; Repairing a Rupture. Learning from experience is how the brain rewires itself the best. Learning involves not just encoding new strategies of resilience in the brain, but strengthening the functioning of the […]

Model for Lifelong Learning

Jon Kabat-Zinn, developer of mindfulness-based stress reduction, describes our capacities for resilience this way: We all accept that no one controls the weather. Good sailors learn to read it carefully and respect its power. They will avoid storms if possible, but when caught in one, they know when to take down the sails, batten down […]

Cultivating Gratitude to Wire In New Patterns

In over one hundred studies to date, researchers have found that people who have a daily gratitude practice consistently experience more positive emotions; they are more likely to accomplish personal goals (thus demonstrating resilience)’ they reel more alert, energetic, enthused, alive; they sleep better; they have lower blood pressure; and they live an average of […]

Setting Limits and Boundaries

Developmental psychologists have found that the human brain is capable of distinguishing between self and others by six months of age. The capacity of theory of mind takes that development further as we mature. More important for taking our place in the world as independent, resilient human beings, by four years of age our brains […]

Moving the Body to Rewire Difficult Emotions

In the aftermath of the tragedies at the Boston Marathon last week, or in the wake of any sudden and shocking loss or shattering of trust, emotions can run high, temporarily hijacking our resilience. I learned this exercise from psychologist Natalie Rogers to mindfully and compassionately use the intuitive wisdom of our own bodies to […]

Resilience in the Face of Sudden Tragedy

The news of – and the newscast images of – the bomb blasts that killed three people and injured 100 others during the Boston Marathon last Monday instantly evoked shock, horror, outrage in millions of people nationwide and, in the next instant, evoked an outpouring of compassion and care that made the news, too. Compassion […]

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