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Resilience in the Face of Global Disasters

I teach that resilience is foundational – we strengthen our capacities to meet ANY level of distress or disaster. That may seem unrealistically optimistic in the face of America’s mid-term elections tomorrow, whatever the aftermath might be. (The entire Conversations on Practices for Recovering Resilience video series, with experts like Tara Brach, Chris Germer, Ron […]

Mindfulness Doesn’t Make Our Problems Smaller; It Does Makes Us Stronger in Facing Them

 In this interview with Dr. Chris Willard, offering ourselves mindful self-care can be a crucial practice in recovering our resilience. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to offer ourselves that mindful self-care. Exercise: Giving Yourself a Self-Compassion Break At times when any emotional upset or distress is still reasonably manageable, taking a self-compassion break helps […]

Resilience: Noticing Everything that is Going More than All Right

 As we learned in this interview with James Baraz, we can shift out of feeling stuck or overwhelmed by radically shifting our perspective.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience in “What Story Am I Believing Now?” that helps us create exactly that shift. Exercise: What Story Am I Believing Now? In addition to tracking the […]

Mindfulness Helps Cultivate the Perspective “We’ll See”

As we learned in this interview with Susan Kaiser Greenland, practicing a gratitude walk can be very helpful for people of all ages to re-frame difficult emotions or experiences and hold both the difficult and the good with balance and equanimity.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience that explores our gratitude beyond the personal to the larger […]

Facing Our Human Vulnerability is the Ultimate Courage

 As we learned in this interview with Daniel Ellenberg, we strengthen our resilience when we find our courage to turn inward and accept all parts of ourselves, even those parts that feel the pain of loss and injury.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience in Shifting Mindsets to stop “bad-i-fying” or “small-i-fying” yourself and claim […]

Holding the Messes of Life with Ease and Balance

 As we learned in this interview with Michelle Gale, connecting with others in friendship and community helps us recover the emotional equilibrium that supports our resilience.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience that deepens that connection, and thus helps us experience and claim our own resilience. Exercise: Deep Listening to Develop Resilience The most basic […]

The Ground of Well-Being That Can Meet Troubles or Trauma

 As we learn in this interview with Dr. Richard Miller, we can find a moment of refuge or sanctuary that taps us into our own well-being as an inner resource for our resilience. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to find that moment of refuge. Exercise: Resting in Well-Being This exercise helps you tap into […]

Recovering Resilience by Resetting the Nervous System

As we learned in this interview with Deb Dana, a deliberate sigh can help re-set the nervous system.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience in using a sigh to return the nervous system to a state that is calm, present, positive, and resilient. Exercise: A Deliberate Sigh Resets Your Nervous System You breathe all the time. […]

Emotional Mindfulness Strengthens Resilience

 As we learned in this conversation with Ron Frederick, engaging with and listening to our emotions can guide our choices of how resiliently we respond to life events, to other people, to ourselves.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience that helps us better attune to and convey the most basic of emotions: anger, fear, joy, […]

Resilience When Life Becomes a Bumpy Road

In this conversation with Sylvia Boorstein, we learned to apply the practice of “may I meet this moment fully; may I meet it as a friend” to moments both mundane and profound, when we’re in pain, or disappointed, or feeling like we’re making a mess of things.  Here’s an exercise from Resilience to apply that […]

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