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Interconnectedness… Seeing That Clearly

The e-quotes posting of Monday, October 8, 2012, on Seeing Clearly…Seeing At All, drew as much reader response as anything I’ve posted. One additional quote was sent to me by Margery Prickett from the blind and heroic French resistance writer Jacques Lusseyran: “…This process has many names: thinking, concentrating, reflecting. When we really think about […]

Noticing and Naming

We practice mindfulness specifically to strengthen our capacities to see clearly, no matter what is going on. To see clearly, without distortion or denial, so that we can make wise choices and change our behaviors when need be. One way to begin is through the practice of noticing and naming, which keeps the CEO of […]

Soaking in Self-Compassion

Like other practices to recover resilience, it is skillful means to set our intention to cultivate a practice of self-compassion, to notice and name experiences when the happen, to register them in our awareness, to savor them, to let them soak into our consciousness, into the felt sense in our body. To know that our […]

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Bring to mind a moment when it was relatively easy for you to “feel with” someone else’s heartache or sorrow. Your neighbor struggles to carry heavy bags of groceries up the driveway with a recently broken ankle. Your cousin lost his luggage two airports back before he arrived at your house for a weekend visit. […]

Breathing into Calm

Last week I had a temporary crown placed on a tooth that already had had a root canal. Officially, no nerve, no sensation in that tooth. But even with anesthetic to numb sensation in the neighboring teeth, I felt all kinds of poking and pulling and cold water and cold air. I didn’t want the […]

Hand on the Heart

(Having taught a workshop on The Neuroscience of Resilience and Renewal at Esalen last weekend, I can see how powerful the exercises offered in the e-newsletter are when people actually take the time to do them. Having turned in the book Bouncing Back to the publisher (to be published Spring 2013) I now have the […]

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