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‘Tis the Season of Cultivating Kindness and Goodwill

When the local drugstore called to say I had dropped my wallet in the parking lot and would I like to come pick it up, I was 1) shocked that I had even come home from the drugstore not knowing my wallet was missing; 2) profoundly relieved that my wallet had been found/turned in and […]

The Privilege of Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

When 4th-grader Leo teaches his friend Nessa (who’s so mad because her parents made her clean up her room before she could watch TV) to hold her thumb up and take a deep breath in like when she smells cookies in the oven, and then to hold her thumb down as she breathes out slowly, […]

RESILIENCE launches today!

Resilience is officially launched into the world today. Resilience really is a comprehensive personal boot camp training in resilience to help you develop new ways to respond to pressures and tragedy quickly and effectively. This carefully crafted program helps you recover from any disruption to your resilience, from: * barely a wobble – something stressful […]

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste


The Chinese written character for crisis is actually two characters: danger and opportunity.  Resilience is certainly coping effectively with any perceived danger or threat to our safety and well-being, bouncing back from struggles and setbacks.  It is also bouncing forward. (transforming bad breaks into breakthroughs, as my friend Michaela Haas says in the sub-title of […]

Reflective Intelligence – Clear Seeing, Wise Choices

Reflective Intelligence hones your perceptions and responses to any event, any issue.  You can uncover and examine complex patterns of “thinking” that could derail your resilience and rewire them if you wish to. This week’s Resources post, Noticing What You’re Experiencing While You’re Experiencing It, introduced basic steps of mindfulness practice that are the foundation […]

Relational Intelligence Extends Our Lifespan, Expands Our Well-Being

I regularly experience the power of wisely connecting with my fellow human beings in a special way: to drive from home to work I have to pass through a 4-way stop sign intersection.  All drivers have to figure out who’s going through the intersection next. No verbal communication, sometimes a friendly wave through.  We all […]

The Most Powerful Derailer of Our Resilience.

I’ll be teaching “Resilience: Healing from Loss and Trauma with Compassion, Clarity and Courage” on June 11, part of a comprehensive online Healing Trauma Summit sponsored by Sounds True, June 4-13, 2018.  In that presentation I suggest that certainly one of the most powerful derailers of our resilience, if not the most powerful, is shame. […]

Deepening Our Emotional Intelligence

Just simply living evokes emotions, and we experience one emotion or another every single moment of the day. We register delight in watching a sunrise, frustration at getting stalled in gridlock traffic, resentment when a coworker takes credit for an idea we came up with first, terror for the future when a spouse or a […]

Newsletter: Using Our Somatic Intelligence to Recover Our Resilience

These posts offer ways to cope skillfully when things go haywire.  Our most basic responses to all of life’s challenges and adversities begin in our bodies, so this month’s posts offer body-based tools of breath, touch, movement and visualization to recover your natural baseline physiological equilibrium; you learn to “keep calm and carry on.”  This […]

Newsletter – Conditions that Accelerate Brain change

In recent 2018 posts, I’ve been exploring how the brain learns anything, ever.  How the repetition of experiences, chosen or unchosen, creates new neural circuitry, creating new habits of perception and response to life events, helpful or unhelpful. I’ve also written a bit about the brain’s innate neuroplasticity that makes any of this learning, and […]

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