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Compassionate Connection Deepens Resilience

RESILIENCE RE-VISITED The morning I sent out last month’s e-newsletter, Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience, a close friend’s sister-in-law was having surgery for breast cancer, another friend was in the ER for a flare up of back pain, and a client’s house burned down. By the end of the week, a different client’s husband had […]

Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience

RESILIENCE – the capacities to respond flexibly to life events, casual or catastrophic – is essential to our well-being and a hallmark of emotional and mental health. You may have noticed: we tend to not do so well responding to the hiccups and hurricanes of life when we get rigid, contracted, and stuck in old, […]

Brain Research Illuminates Conscious, Compassionate Connection

90% of what we know about how the brain actually processes experience and information has been learned in the last 15 years.  Neuroscientists report new research findings almost daily – how mindfulness practice improves immune function and strengthens the circuits our brains use for attention, empathy, self-awareness.  How the mirror neurons in our brains pick […]

Mindfulness and Empathy Create Conscious, Compassionate Connection

The Dalai Lama suggests that we “aim for our highest happiness” if we wish to be happy in all the realms of our daily living and being. As we set our intentions for the coming year, I hope you find the reflections and resources in this month’s newsletter inspiring and helpful. Reflections on Mindfulness and […]


Monthly e-newsletters offer Linda’s own distillation of the latest research and cutting edge thinking in three major paradigms of healing and awakening: relational psychology, contemplative Buddhist practice, and the modern neuroscience that validates tools and practices of both.  Click on the newsletter date below to view/download archived issues.  Click on the subscribe box to receive […]

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