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© Linda Graham, MFT Resilience – our clients’ capacities to engage with and respond to the experiences and challenges of their lives with flexibility, competence and efficacy – is one of the hallmarks of “healthy” psychological functioning and one of the key requirements for therapeutic change. Resilience is what allows clients – allows anyone – […]

The Reciprocity Principle in the Referral Process

© Linda Graham, MFT One of the best ways to get new clinical referrals is to make them. Referrals are made first for clinical reasons, for the client’s best interest, to create a resource base that will be the most therapeutic, supportive, and effective for the client. This isn’t just the dictum of the BBS. […]

Resourcing Therapy

© Linda Graham, MFT I’ve had the experience several times, as I imagine you have, of working with three different clients on similar issues for similar lengths of time – and watch one client zoom ahead, learning-discovering-integrating so quickly and skillfully, watch the second client make steady if laborious progress, and watch the third plod […]

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