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Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

This post will be the last I send, to subscribers and to archive on my website. After 15 years, the poignant end of an era.  I began posting these resources […]

Witnessing…and With-nessing

When my good friend Deena Shaffer and I were commiserating about how helpless, how powerless we felt in the face of the unfolding war in Israel-Gaza, the horror and tragedy […]

Responding to the Trauma of War

The October 7 Hamas attack on Israel began the day after the 2023 Mill Valley Film Festival began here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was immersed in watching […]

Retirement Beyond a Comfortable Bubble

Disclosing ADHD and Other Mental Health Issues to Your Firm

Travel. Grandchildren. Gardening. I hear these are what many folks do when they retire, if they are able. I’ve traveled some, mostly to hike in wilderness. I thoroughly enjoy zooming […]

Reaching Down into the Center

I’ve been saving the poem below for my penultimate e-post of these Resources for Recovering Resilience. The wrap-up e-post will be sent July 13 after teaching my very last ever […]

Pushing the Pause Button

Krista Tippett announced this summer’s pause of the On Being project with this quote from John O’Donohue.  Your identity is not equivalent to your biography. There is a place in […]

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