Practices for Recovering Resilience

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Crossing the Threshold

Whenever we’re about to venture into something new – moving across country, getting married again, taking on a new job, finally fixing the leaky shower head – we often feel […]

Reflections on Life Balance

Yes, I tend to explore in these newsletters what I currently need to learn about the most. (Equanimity, presence, compassion, laughter, many good topics over the years.) Most of us […]

Anger…a Prelude to Courage

The title of this month’s e-newsletter Anger: A Prelude to Courage is a direct steal (with deep bows) from the June 2011 issue of Ode Magazine’s article “Prelude to Courage” […]


[A colleague’s recent query about the “neurochemistry of disappointment” sent me off on my own inquiry. Alas, a family medical emergency and the overloading of other obligations de-railed that investigation […]

Accommodating Zebras

I began this month’s e-newsletter originally this way: Swiss biologist Jean Piaget developed his theories of cognitive development almost 100 years ago, profoundly influencing our understanding of learning and brain […]


Presence – Simply Being…and Being With – Heals Trauma The Healing Moments in Trauma Treatment conference, at UCLA four weekends ago, began with a morning of mindfulness practice led by […]


I came across an article in Scientific American recently on The Willpower Paradox. Briefly, folks who adopt a “Will I?” approach are significantly more successful in meeting a goal than […]

Living Deeply

I was at a poetry workshop with Kim Rosen at the Institute of Noetic Sciences last weekend and, just as Kim’s book Saved by a Poem grabbed the attention of […]

The Roots of Empathy

When 4 month-old Indigo visits “her” third grade classroom in Toronto, Canada, 26 students sit on a green rug in a horseshoe shape in front of her and practice empathy […]