Practices for Recovering Resilience

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The Universality of Suffering

One of my beloved cats died on New Year’s Eve. I had lived with this sweet, playful purr-ball for ten years. Then two weeks of acute kidney failure, hospitalizations, complex […]

Taking Stock

The ironic juxtapositions at this time of year: My 9-year old god-daughter Emma and her mother Cherry and I schedule our annual trek to see a local production of Charles […]

Gratitude for Inter-Connectedness

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank you’, it would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart For many of us, the approach to the Thanksgiving season evokes […]

Mind-Body-Heart Connections

No matter what crises, catastrophes, or confusions we are facing in this moment, in any moment of our daily lives, it is possible to tap into a deeper awareness and […]

Healing Heartache

I learned recently that neural cells around the heart are activated when we long to connect with another, “making sense of the subjective experience of heartache and having a broken […]

Flexibility and Stability of the Whole Self

This month’s newsletter brings together some of the previous newsletters’ explorations into resilience and equanimity, offering a model of the Whole Self that integrates much of the wisdom of those […]

Wise Guides, Wise Understanding, Wise Self

This month’s newsletter explores three essential wellsprings of resilience, well-being and equanimity: WISE GUIDES, WISE UNDERSTANDING, WISE SELF. May you find these reflections and resources resonant and useful. REFLECTIONS For […]

Compassionate Connection Deepens Resilience

RESILIENCE RE-VISITED The morning I sent out last month’s e-newsletter, Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience, a close friend’s sister-in-law was having surgery for breast cancer, another friend was in the […]