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Living Well, Dying Well

Two good friends have died in the last two weeks. Long lives, well lived. Companioned in their passage from living well to dying well by family and friends who loved […]

A Gentle, Gentle Winding Down

May Sarton’s poem The Work of Happiness, included at the end of this post, gives some indication of how my leaning from retirement into Renaissance has landed me more and […]


I’m not sure why I never thought of the concept pre-resilience before. It came to me as I was updating my notes for The Resilience Mindset workshop at the Cape […]

Adding Up to Something

Photo Credit: AND STILL I SING – Doclands I’ve just emerged from a four-day binge of the DocLands film festival, so the wisdom of today’s post resides mostly in the […]

Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full?

[P.S. An update about the scheduled winding down of these e-newsletters and the Resilience 2.0 course is below.] I got a very different perspective on the age-old paradox of viewing […]

Love of Truth, Love of Earth

Next week, April 23-29, 2023, is National Library Week in the U.S. I share with so many, daily deep gratitude and reverence for the worlds beyond my world opened through […]

Quit v. Grit

So very, very synchronistically, the week I posted Winding Down These Posts, a friend sent me the link to a BBC4 podcast interviewing Annie Duke about her new book Quit: […]