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Adding Up to Something

Photo Credit: AND STILL I SING – Doclands I’ve just emerged from a four-day binge of the DocLands film festival, so the wisdom of today’s post resides mostly in the […]

Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full?

[P.S. An update about the scheduled winding down of these e-newsletters and the Resilience 2.0 course is below.] I got a very different perspective on the age-old paradox of viewing […]

Love of Truth, Love of Earth

Next week, April 23-29, 2023, is National Library Week in the U.S. I share with so many, daily deep gratitude and reverence for the worlds beyond my world opened through […]

Quit v. Grit

So very, very synchronistically, the week I posted Winding Down These Posts, a friend sent me the link to a BBC4 podcast interviewing Annie Duke about her new book Quit: […]

One Good Conversation

I recently read that Ralph Waldo Emerson apparently said, “I would walk one hundred miles in a snowstorm to have one good conversation.”  So would I.  Conversation is what connects, […]

Winding Down these Posts

Exactly one year ago, I was shepherding 17 clients toward the retirement of our work together July 1, 2022, and referring them to new therapists. At the same time closing […]

Change as Chosen, Change as Given

A recent discussion in my neurodharma group about change – how we understand-respond to-value-initiate-cope with the lack of – change in our lives, how we accept change as essential to […]