Practices for Recovering Resilience

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One Good Conversation

I recently read that Ralph Waldo Emerson apparently said, “I would walk one hundred miles in a snowstorm to have one good conversation.”  So would I.  Conversation is what connects, […]

Winding Down these Posts

Exactly one year ago, I was shepherding 17 clients toward the retirement of our work together July 1, 2022, and referring them to new therapists. At the same time closing […]

Change as Chosen, Change as Given

A recent discussion in my neurodharma group about change – how we understand-respond to-value-initiate-cope with the lack of – change in our lives, how we accept change as essential to […]

Experience – Embody – Express

As I move into the wise elderhood of my retirement, I realize I am evolving from teaching about resilience through evoking experiences of resilience (which is always how I’ve taught […]

Listening through the Adversities

When people used to ask me how I could stand listening to people’s problems all day long, I always replied, quite truthfully, that I wasn’t actually listening to the problems. […]

Poetic Reflections on Retirement

The unfolding of my life has always been held and reflected in the deep wisdom of poetry. From John O’Donohue’s For a New Beginning when I first had an inkling […]