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Grateful to be Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

It’s the turning toward “yes” that keeps the heart open to the miracles of daily living, keeps awareness opening to the bigger picture, keeps us keepin’ on. I closed my May 6, 2020 post Plowing through the Day with Gratitude with those words. We were all just learning then how to cope with the disruptions […]

Downshifting for an Uplift

Many of us (38 million of us) saw the probing and provocative film The Social Dilemma, the seriously well-documented, seriously frightening expose from top executives and engineers within the digital tech industry about how the technology that connects us also distracts, divides, polarizes, monetizes, manipulates and controls us.  Seriously. I had the privilege of watching […]

Love Does That…Love Frees

Deep wisdom about resilience from the 14th century German theologian and mystic, Meister Eckhart: LOVE DOES THAT All day long a little burro labors, sometimes with heavy loads on her back and sometimes just with worries about things that bother only burros. And worries, as we know, can be more exhausting than physical labor. Once […]

Heroes in Our Own Lives

My friend Kathryn was so proud to be a public defender in the San Francisco courts before a debilitating illness made that work impossible to continue. Kathryn continued, volunteering for the Institute for Health and Healing, calling dementia patients to remind them of important doctor’s appointments. Campaigning for the state legislature to allow cancer patients […]

How to Worry More Mindfully

How to Worry More Mindfully by psychologist Jenny Taitz was posted in the New York Times November 2, 2020, the day before the U.S. national elections.  The suggestions are still relevant and timely in the aftermath of those elections. [And very resonant with tools I’ll be teaching Saturday, November 21, in an online retreat sponsored […]

Strategies for Working with Trauma’s Painful Aftermath

One last reminder about NICABM’s excellent Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma. Healing from trauma is complicated and nuanced, but the foremost experts in trauma therapy are developing new approaches to the painful aftereffects of trauma. In this special 5-part series, these trauma experts have taken a deep dive into: How to Identify […]

Stay Woke – and Live Your Week Fully

As this post arrives in your inbox this morning, I will be working by Zoom with staff of the Well-Being Project, exploring ways people dedicated to supporting community organizers and social change agents around the world deepen their own inner well-being and restore their own equilibrium as they remain sheltering-in-place in the U.S. or return […]

“Gonna Vote” – Belated but So Encouraging

I would have posted “Gonna Vote” before the U.S. national elections if I had known of it.  Released October 5, 2020, It’s still timely, resonant, and completely upbeat and delightful. By Nina Wise, a most wonderful performing artist and author of A big new free happy unusual life: self-expression and spiritual practice for those who […]

As We Move On, Mending and Repairing…

I posted A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand earlier this week, written before the results of the 2020 U.S. national elections were finalized and clear.  Larry Robinson posted “For Nothing Is Fixed” by James Baldwin last Saturday, the day after the election results had been declared clear. For nothing is fixed, forever, forever, forever, […]

Finding HOPE When Everything Feels Hopeless

Finding HOPE When Everything Feels Hopeless by Elizabeth Bernstein appeared in the Wall Street Journal October 28, 2020, one week before the U.S national elections, still very relevant as the country begins to correct course and can offer hope for health and harmony for all of its citizens. I’ve excerpted the main points of the […]

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