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Retirement Emeritus Style

When I officially retired July 1, 2022, there was so much poignancy – transitioning clients I had worked with for years and knew so well to new resources and resonant […]

Intra-Connection Moment by Moment by Moment

You can watch for yourself Tara Brach’s wonderful conversation with Dan Siegel about intra-connection. Dan is careful to distinguish between INTER-connection (ties between separate, differentiated entities) and INTRA-connection (the innate […]

If I Had Known…I Would Have….

[Note: These Resources for Recovering Resilience will now post weekly in 2023, on Thursdays; always archived on my website.] If I had known to post the poems below to mark […]

A Wise Blessing for the New Year

This year’s new year’s blessing comes from Larry Robinson, a wonderful poet and stalwart supporter of other poets. His poem holds the many contractions and heartaches of our world with […]

Mid-Winter Sustenance

I wrote this poem as I was on the brink of launching my first website, almost 20 years ago! Celebrating the deep friendships sustaining me then; that continue to sustain […]

A Winter Solstice Prayer

A friend sent me the full quote of Albert Camus’s well-known …in the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer…”  I looked it up in […]