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The Universality of Suffering

One of my beloved cats died on New Year’s Eve. I had lived with this sweet, playful purr-ball for ten years. Then two weeks of acute kidney failure, hospitalizations, complex life support at home, heart failure; in two short weeks she was gone. The pain was swift and deep. I felt apologetic at first; two […]

Taking Stock

The ironic juxtapositions at this time of year: My 9-year old god-daughter Emma and her mother Cherry and I schedule our annual trek to see a local production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol; minutes later I buy the tickets online for my 9-year old god-son Elijah and I to see The Christmas Revels. Fifteen […]

Gratitude for Inter-Connectedness

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank you’, it would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart For many of us, the approach to the Thanksgiving season evokes a paradox of rejoicing in sharing with loved ones the grace of loving connection, the resonance of belonging, and simultaneously the heartache of distance, loss, […]

Mind-Body-Heart Connections

No matter what crises, catastrophes, or confusions we are facing in this moment, in any moment of our daily lives, it is possible to tap into a deeper awareness and find the more open heart that can tenderly and truthfully hold it all. This month’s newsletter introduces three paths of healing and awakening that effectively […]

Healing Heartache

I learned recently that neural cells around the heart are activated when we long to connect with another, “making sense of the subjective experience of heartache and having a broken heart” when that yearning to connect is not met. [See books and websites below.] This month’s newsletter explores some of the neurobiology of heartache and […]

Consciousness and Compassionate Connection Lead to Self-Acceptance

The deep inner peace that comes from genuine self-acceptance is the essential bedrock of all of our ease and well-being. Yet a steady self-acceptance – grounded in the “love and awareness that holds and honors the fullness of our being” – can, at times, be painfully elusive. When we have just been triggered into shame, […]

Flexibility and Stability of the Whole Self

This month’s newsletter brings together some of the previous newsletters’ explorations into resilience and equanimity, offering a model of the Whole Self that integrates much of the wisdom of those explorations.. May you find the reflections and resources here useful in cultivating your own experiences of authenticity and wholeness. REFLECTIONS FLEXIBILITY AND STABILITY OF THE […]

Wise Guides, Wise Understanding, Wise Self

This month’s newsletter explores three essential wellsprings of resilience, well-being and equanimity: WISE GUIDES, WISE UNDERSTANDING, WISE SELF. May you find these reflections and resources resonant and useful. REFLECTIONS For over 30 years, Stephen and Ondrea Levine have served as Wise Guides to thousands of people coping with the bewilderment, pain and disorientation of losing […]

Equanimity: The Invisbile Fulcrum of Conscious, Compassionate Connection

This month’s newsletter explores EQUANIMITY: how we can nurture our capacities to recover our equilibrium in the midst of chaos or confusion; how we can learn to stand steady in the face of catastrophe, personal or global; how we can remain calm and engaged when the flak hits the fan. May you find these reflections […]

Compassionate Connection Deepens Resilience

RESILIENCE RE-VISITED The morning I sent out last month’s e-newsletter, Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience, a close friend’s sister-in-law was having surgery for breast cancer, another friend was in the ER for a flare up of back pain, and a client’s house burned down. By the end of the week, a different client’s husband had […]

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