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Aha! Moments Re-Wire the Brain

When I was an undergraduate in the late 1960’s, student protests against the Vietnam War or apartheid or discrimination against minorities, women, gays, were disrupting classes, if not shutting down entire universities. A revolution occurred in learning as students poured out of the classrooms into the streets, into poor communities, into developing countries. The old […]

The Benefits of Blowing Your Top

The Benefits of Blowing Your Top was the catchy headline of a July 7, 2010 article in the New York Times which began: “The longing for President Obama to vent some fury at oil executives or bankers may run far deeper than politics. Millions of people live or work with exasperatingly cool customers, who seem […]

Reflections on The Neuroscience of Resilience

I’ve been exploring the neuroscience of resilience lately, because I’m hungrily curious about both – how do people cope with unfathomably challenging circumstances and come out the other side with their spirits and integrity intact (when I get disoriented just trying to meet a friend for dinner at a new restaurant and have been known […]


I heard Fred Luskin (author of Forgive For Good) and Jack Kornfield (author of The Art of Forgiveness, Loving Kindness and Peace) teach together on The Science and Practice of Forgiveness at the U.C.-Berkeley last weekend, part of the Greater Good series on The Science of a Meaningful Life: how cultivating pro-social practices like gratitude, […]

Oxytocin: the Neurochemical of Everything Good

When I taught about the role of the neurochemical oxytocin in healing relationships at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy last week, the “calm and connect” of oxytocin was flowing in the room (!) whether from the topic itself, the relational exercises, or the safety, humor and bonding interspersed with the serious research data and therapeutic […]

Applied Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is moving off the cushion and out of the meditation centers into public schools, hospitals, prisons, MBA programs nationwide as scientists validate the benefits of even a minimal practice of mindful awareness. Elementary school students show greater concentration, fewer behavior problems, and reduced test anxiety. Patients coping with stress and chronic […]

Poetry as Transformation

Even the title of Kim Rosen’s new book and CD, “Saved by a Poem” caught my attention, quickened my heart, stirred something deep in my soul, and prompted the January 25 e-quotes. It is difficult To get the news from poems Yet men die miserably every day For lack Of what is found there. – […]

Be The Change You Seek

BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK – AND RIPPLE OUT My first public event of this new year was a symposium on Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream. How to bring developed nations out of the trance of runaway consumption and exploitation of the earth’s resources; how to help people commit to “bringing forth an environmentally […]

Dormancy and Replenishment

All life requires a rhythm of rest. There is a rhythm in our waking activity and the body’s need for sleep. There is a rhythm as the active growth of spring and summer is quieted by the necessary dormancy of fall and winter….When we do not rest, we lose our way. We miss the compass […]


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