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Accommodating Zebras

I began this month’s e-newsletter originally this way: Swiss biologist Jean Piaget developed his theories of cognitive development almost 100 years ago, profoundly influencing our understanding of learning and brain adaptation ever since. His most famous example illustrating assimilation (new facts fit theories or mental categories we have already constructed) vs. accommodation (our established schemas […]


Presence – Simply Being…and Being With – Heals Trauma The Healing Moments in Trauma Treatment conference, at UCLA four weekends ago, began with a morning of mindfulness practice led by Jon Kabat-Zinn, developer of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Dan Siegel, author of The Mindful Brain and The Mindful Therapist, and Trudy Goodman, senior vipassana […]


I came across an article in Scientific American recently on The Willpower Paradox. Briefly, folks who adopt a “Will I?” approach are significantly more successful in meeting a goal than folks who adopt an “I will” approach. Counter-intuitive, but profound. We explore the implications of that research below in Reflections (the link is in Resources). […]

Living Deeply

I was at a poetry workshop with Kim Rosen at the Institute of Noetic Sciences last weekend and, just as Kim’s book Saved by a Poem grabbed the attention of my heart and soul last year and prompted the February 2010 e-newsletter Poetry as Transformation, IONS’ Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in […]

The Roots of Empathy

When 4 month-old Indigo visits “her” third grade classroom in Toronto, Canada, 26 students sit on a green rug in a horseshoe shape in front of her and practice empathy – building their capacities of tuning into Indigo’s emotional states and relational needs. “Tiny teachers” like Indigo are part of Roots of Empathy, an emotional […]

Gratitude II: Even For the Hard Stuff

Last month’s e-newsletter on Gratitude offered a lot of practical benefits for people who practice gratitude daily. We: – experience positive emotions more consistently – feel more alert, energetic, enthused, alive – experience less of the toxic emotions of envy, resentment, regret, hostility, depression – strengthen social ties, feeling more connected, less isolated and lonely […]

The Art and Science of Gratitude

It’s encouraging to hear rigorously attained research findings about gratitude that validate what we would hope would be true about any practice that brings us out of fear, stress and negativity into trust, connection, and well-being. Last Friday, another cutting-edge confluence of relational psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness practice. Building Gratitude, the latest seminar in the […]

Ripples Make Waves

Resilience and conscious, compassionate connection are two consistent themes of this e-newsletter. Compassionate connection was this month’s theme of James Baraz’s Awakening Joy course. The deeply passionate and resilient speakers were Joanna Macy and Julia Butterfly-Hill , both speaking to the dire and global destruction of our planet and the courage to act that comes […]

Aha! Moments Re-Wire the Brain

When I was an undergraduate in the late 1960’s, student protests against the Vietnam War or apartheid or discrimination against minorities, women, gays, were disrupting classes, if not shutting down entire universities. A revolution occurred in learning as students poured out of the classrooms into the streets, into poor communities, into developing countries. The old […]

The Benefits of Blowing Your Top

The Benefits of Blowing Your Top was the catchy headline of a July 7, 2010 article in the New York Times which began: “The longing for President Obama to vent some fury at oil executives or bankers may run far deeper than politics. Millions of people live or work with exasperatingly cool customers, who seem […]

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