Claiming Your Growing Resilience

Claiming Your Growing Resilience

Claiming Your Growing Resilience

As you’ve been setting wise intentions and making responsible choices moving into 2018, it’s still important to discern whether those intentions and choices are coming to fruition, having the desired effect in your efforts to become more resilient.

This discernment is important because so much of becoming more resilient involves learning and claiming that we ARE becoming more resilient.

We learn a tool like Hand on the Heart, we practice mindfulness in becoming aware of, allowing and accepting what is (and our reactions to what is), we strengthen our capacities to find the gift in the mistake, and then, beside taking in the good of that one particular successful moment, we claim the good of the bigger perspective.  We see ourselves as someone who CAN learn to be more resilient, who IS becoming more resilient.  We ARE A LEARNER of resilience.


1.  Select one of the capacities from A Wise Way to Set New Year’s Intentions that you identified as one you wanted to cultivate more in the coming year:  cheerfulness, courage, creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, playfulness, self-acceptance, etc.

2.  Identify 2-3 times you have developed that capacity more consciously – experienced-embodied-expressed it – since the new year began.

3.  As you remember yourself demonstrating that capacity, take in the good that you (even unconsciously) have been manifesting the intention to become more resilient in that way.  (And don’t worry about any of the times you shoulda-coulda-woulda and didn’t.  Practice giving yourself credit for when you DID.)  (See Change Every Should to a Could.)

4.  Let yourself claim the good of this specific manifestation of your intentions, and claim the larger good of the manifestation of the larger intention, to cultivate more resilience and well-being in your life in the coming year. 

Paraphrasing the wisdom of Booker T. Washington: “Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him….”

Set your intentions, make your choices, take responsibility for manifesting those intentions, and then trust yourself that indeed you are moving in the direction you have already wisely chosen for yourself. Because you are.

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