CPR for the Amygdala; Safe Touch to Calm the Nervous System

CPR for the Amygdala; Safe Touch to Calm the Nervous System

The links here provide the most accessible introductions I have found to the simple yet powerful tools of “havening” and “rhythms of regulation” to be-friend and calm the nervous system. Deep dives into the pioneering work – and “pioneering” is a word well deserved by both – of Dr. Kate Truitt, neuroscientist, psychologist, trauma specialist, and Deb Dana, psychologist, trauma specialist, and trainer par excellence in polyvagal theory. 

Dr. Truitt interviewed by Michael Kerman, whose Leading Edge Seminars has provided excellent clinical trainings for 30+ years, this spring a generous offering of free Virtual Lunches Together to help clinicians cope with the disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic. Click here for July 2, 2020 VLT with Dr. Kate Truitt.

Deb Dana interviewed by Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, whose free Insights at the Edge podcasts have inspired listeners for 11 years. Click here for June 16 2020 Insights at the Edge interview with Deb Dana.

A hefty investment of your time, yes. And not just for clinicians but for every human being that has a human nervous system. Truly simple, practical, and effective tools. And I don’t say this lightly: truly life changing, immediately and forever. Watch/listen while you’re preparing dinner or doing your morning exercise routine.  Your nervous system will thank you for the rest of the day, for the rest of your life.

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P.S. Just in case…

My own April 1, 2020 Virtual Lunch interview with Michael Kerman of Leading Edge Seminars.

My own June 14, 2017 Insights at the Edge interview with Tami Simon, Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy.

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