Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy

Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy

My recent interview with Tami Simon on Sounds True’s Insights at the Edge – Cultivating Response Flexibility – Neuroscience in Psychotherapy – is now available online for a free download.

Truly a valuable resource for recovering resilience with teachings that are “diverse, in-depth, and life-changing.” The interview (65 minutes) is not just for clinicians and covers these key points:

1. Mindful Empathy

The power of mindful empathy in the therapeutic relationship, in any relationship, to create the safety and self-acceptance that primes the neuroplasticity of the brain for learning and growth.

2. Response flexibility

Emerging shifts in resilience research on what resilience is – response flexibility – and how to strengthen the functioning of the “CEO of resilience” in the brain – the pre-frontal cortex -to rewire old patterns of coping and create options for new ones.

3. Healing anxiety and shame

Integrating practices of mindfulness and compassion into relational psychotherapy to both strengthen the self and let go of the self, and heal two of the most powerful derailers of our resilience – anxiety and shame.

I teach at least one experiential exercise to illustrate each of the these key points. For clinicians who want to learn more, please check out my upcoming 8-week Leading Edge of Psychotherapy series: Neuroscience for Psychotherapists. Videos, transcripts, live Q&A sessions, and a one-year guarantee from Sounds True.

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