For Clinicians: Working with Traumatized Nervous Systems

For Clinicians: Working with Traumatized Nervous Systems

So many folks are getting wrung out by the challenges of coping with a pandemic that doesn’t seem ready to quit.  Whether people were ever traumatized before in their lives, many are experiencing a marked deterioration in functioning and well-being now.

NICABM is offering its Treating Trauma Master series to help clinicians help clients resolve any trauma that needs resolving, restore equilibrium in their nervous system, and return clients to well-being, even thriving.

This upcoming free session will cover:

  • Why Targeting the Limbic System Can Make Our Treatments More Effective
  • How to Tell When Talk Therapy Could Be Keeping Your Client Stuck in Trauma
  • How to Integrate Movement to Help A Client’s Body “Unlearn” Its Adaptation to Trauma
  • How to Use Limbic System Therapy to Reverse Feelings of Powerlessness After Trauma
  • What to Look for in a Traumatized Client’s “Movement Vocabulary”
  • One Key Approach to Use with Clients Who Are Unable to Verbalize Their Trauma
  • How Past Trauma May Hurt a Client’s Ability to Protect Themselves from Future Trauma (and How to Break the Cycle)

This one session can help reverse trauma’s deep tracing in a client’s body. It’s free, and about to go live. So be sure to sign up now.

This 5-part series has been instrumental in bringing the latest insights on treating trauma to practitioners all over the world. The top experts have been sharing the most current strategies that you can use in your work with your clients. 

I strongly urge you to tune into this final session, here’s the link to check it out.

And if you’d like to own all the program videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and bonus sessions to keep forever in your professional library, you can get the Gold Subscription. CE/CME credits are also available.

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