Foundations of Well-Being

Foundations of Well-Being

Today’s Resource for Recovering Resilience will provide you with a year’s worth of science-based exercises to develop confidence, life satisfaction, and resilience. My friend and colleague Rick Hanson is offering his phenomenal online Foundations of Well-Being course on a free trial basis. You can explore:

Rick’s one-hour video presentations on:

Self-Caring: be on your own side and develop self-compassion
Mindfulness: steady your mind and learn about your brain
Learning: tap the hidden power of positive experiences
Vitality: nurture your body and strengthen determination
Gratitude: find more beauty, pleasure, and satisfaction
Confidence: feel more valued and loved
Calm: let go of stress, anxiety, and anger
Motivation: help yourself want what’s good for you
Intimacy: have deeper, more fulfilling relationships
Courage: be assertive with a kind heart
Aspiration: pursue your dreams with skillful action
Service: receive the world’s gifts and contribute your own

And Rick’s one-hour video interviews with outstanding scholars and teachers of well-being, including:

Tara Brach
Jack Kornfield
Barbara Fredrickson
Anat Baniel
Gretchen Rubin
Paul Gilbert
Sharon Salzberg
John Ratey
Sue Carter
Daniel Ellenberg
Dan Siegel
Roshi Joan Halifax

(I will be joining this line-up of interviews in June 2015, dialoguing with Rick about Intimacy)

The program also includes the science behind the many experiential exercises and guided meditations, community forums, and CEU’s.

Rick is a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and invited speaker at Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford universities. He’s also the New York Times bestselling author of Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture, a neuropsychologist, meditation teacher, and very down-to-earth, practical, and warm-hearted guy.

Rick’s FWB is a phenomenal step-by-step program; you can explore it as much as you like for free. I heartily encourage you to do so. You can open the door to more contentment, peace and love in your life, one hour at a time.

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